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All Natural Pet Odor Remover

2.25 LBS

Product Description

This item is no longer available. Pets can be terribly smelly. Dogs and cats have different standards of cleanliness than people. Sometimes, Rex will decide that the puddle of mud outside smells wonderful and he'll decide to roll around in the muck. Other times, Fluffy will decide to mark every corner of the room to mark her territory. You don't have to get rid of your pets to get rid of these odors. There's no need to hide smelly messes with chemicals that stink even worse. This odor control works naturally to trap and eliminate stinky smells. Our All Natural Pet Odor Remover is made with Zeolite. Zeolite is a mineral with microscopic pores that absorb smells in the same way that a sponge absorbs water. These pores are so small that they trap ions from the air, and many smells can be controlled by eliminating ionized gas. All Natural Pet Stink Remover works like a molecular sieve, filtering the air to remove any unpleasant smells. Zeolite is composed of neutral elements such as Aluminum, Silicon, Oxygen, and Sodium. These components are perfectly safe to use around children, pets, and people with chemical sensitivity. The Zeolite in this product has been dried out to increase its odor absorbing power. Freshly mined Zeolite has an average water content of 30%, but this odor absorbing powder is only 3% water. Natural Odor Remover can be used to control smells from cats, dogs, possums, skunks, prarie dogs, rabbits, hedgehogs, groundhogs, porcupines, snakes, lizards, birds, spiders, and many other pets. Odorzout Pet All Surface Granules may also be used to eliminate the odor of deceased animals trapped in crawl spaces or walls. For the best results, you should have Animal Control remove any carcasses and then treat the remaining smells. Just sprinkle lightly along the floor or next to the wall near the source of the odor. This is a green product that can help you get the best results from other earth friendly cleaning products. All Natural Odor Remover is a VOC free alternative to scented candles and bleach based cleansers. The bottle is made from recycled plastic, and the label is made from recycled paper. Each 850 gram bottle is enough to cover 800 to 1,000 square feet. *Recognized by the EPA's "Design for the Environment" program and endorsed by CNN's Linda Cobb.

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