Compost Fork

The Unifork combines the best parts of two different tools into one super tool. Just like a spork combines a spoon and a fork, this tool offers the scooping action of a shovel with the aerating power of a pitchfork. It’s light weight, and easy to use on compost, mulch, leaves, straw, or other bulky … Read more

How to Ensure You Have a Zero-Waste Garden

Zero-waste is no longer just a buzzword.  It’s a community of earth-lovers around the world with the goal of conserving environmental resources and reducing waste sent to landfill sites. You can join the zero-waste community by using your garden to help the environment through zero-waste gardening. Now, you’ve probably heard of zero-waste lifestyle champions who … Read more

3 Easy-to-Grow Plants Perfect for Your Tea Garden

A cup of homegrown herbal tea is a great way to start the day, right? However, organic herbal teas can be quite expensive. If you’re an ardent tea lover, planting a tea garden is a wonderful solution to this problem. Having a herbal tea garden in your backyard gives you a constant supply of your … Read more

Best Plants to Grow During Your Next Winter Gardening

Every year, winter brings colder weather, grey days, and maybe snow in your USDA zone. During this time, your garden will go into a slumber. Green turns to brown, upright plants wilt, and blooms stop flourishing.  Many home vegetable gardens might lay empty waiting for the spring planting season. Unless you have a greenhouse, this … Read more

Why You Should Begin Composting and How To Succeed

Is your garden looking a little drab? Or you are throwing away too much organic food waste? According to studies, organic waste makes up 21.9% of U.S landfills — which includes an extensive amount of food waste. But what does this have to do with you and your garden? Home composting may be a new … Read more

Stainless Steel Garden Tool Set

This durable stainless steel garden tool set with hardwood handles includes four high quality tools and makes an excellent starter set for any gardener. It comes with a garden fork, a garden trowel, a garden cultivator and an excellent weeding and cutting tool. These are all the tools you need to get out and growing … Read more

Recycled Plastic Compost Bin

Recycled Plastic Compost Bin

Why Buy From Us? Useful, eco-friendly products 60 day money back guarantee 100 percent safe, secure shopping Your privacy is assured This attractive 100% recycled plastic composter is a convenient garden accessory that helps you turn kitchen scraps and other organic waste from your home into a valuable soil amendment. Enjoy free shipping for this … Read more