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Organic Worm Castings 30 lb Bag

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This item is no longer available. It has been replaced with Liquid Worm Castings - fortified worm tea.

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Wormcastings are a natural wonder - they contain lots of nutrients that plants love, in a form that is gentle on their roots. If your lawn or garden needs a boost, these wormcastings are a simple way to get rich organic nutrients to your plants.

This 30 lb bag of wormcastings is enough to treat 300 square feet of yard (or vegetable garden). With spot application directly to your plants, each bag will cover an ever larger area.

What are worm castings? Not everyone knows what Worm Castings are. Just like sheep produce wool and silk worms produce silk, red wrigglers produce a useful byproduct. When they eat decaying plant matter and convert it into soil, the result is called worm castings. Wormcastings are a rich fertilizer with plenty of easily accessible micronutrients.

And, yes, if you prefer the short answer, worm castings are worm poop.

Application rates:
  • NEW POTTED PLANTS: Use 1 part wormcastings to 3 parts soil.

  • ESTABLISHED POTTED PLANTS: Add 1” to 2” of wormcastings to top of soil; mix, water, repeat every 2 - 3 months.

  • NEW OR TRANSPLANTED ROSES, TREES, SHRUBS, & BERRIES: Mix 1 part wormcastings to 2 parts soil, surround hole with mixture. Spread roots over a mound of the mix and cover.

  • ESTABLISHED ROSES: Mix 4 cups wormcastings into soil over root zone of plant.

  • PERENNIALS: Work 1/2 cup into the soil above the root zone. Apply in spring, early summer, and fall.

  • VEGETABLES & ANNUAL FLOWERS: Line holes & seed furrows with 1” to 2” of wormcastings, set seeds or plants in place, cover with soil. Side dress during growing season at a rate of 1/2 cup per linear foot of row once every 2 months.

  • CASTING TEA: Soak 1 part wormcastings in 3 parts water for 12-24 hours. Mix and water as usual. Wormcasting Tea is excellent for fruiting, flowering, and difficult to access plants.

    Worm castings are odor free and safe to handle with your hands. They are produced through worm composting, where red earthworms (aka redworms) are fed a steady diet of organic waste. The worms will often ingest the same soil several times, digesting it repeatedly until all of the organic matter is broken down into its constituents. That's just how plants like their soil, because they have to spend less energy extracting what they need.

    You can also make your own worm castings by composting your food scraps and lawn clippings with worms.
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