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Wolf Long Handled Garden Tool Set

Wolf Long Handled Garden Tool Set
Build your own tool rack with the Wolf interchangeable long handled tool set. Mix and match the tools you want, and save space in your garage by eliminating surplus handles. Choose as many attachments as you'd like, or just a few.

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This German designed Wolf Garten tool set offers a complete range of tool heads for any activity. The tool heads snap in and lock firmly, then release instantly when required - just like a car seatbelt. This unique system means you can use the same tool head for close work in beds or to reach the backs of borders with just a simple change of handle.

The Wolf Garden Tool Set was Member Tested and Recommended by the National Home Gardening Club.

With this set, you can even carry all of your tools at once! Choose from the following ala cart options:

A. Garden Aerator / Soil Crumbler
Crumbles soil to a fine tilth for sowing seeds or planting. Mixes peat, manure and fertilisers into the soil. Rear blade keeps tool at a constant depth. Easy push-pull action. 15cm wide.

B. Leaf Rake
22 flat spring steel tines for cleaning paths, drives and patios and raking leaves. Fan and basket shape allows large capacity and prevents spilling of collected material at the sides. Width: 50 cm.

C. Trowel
For general planting/ transplanting use. Robust and very strong. Can be used with a short or long handle. 8 cm wide.

D. Bow Rake
Curved teeth can be pulled through smoothly and easily. For soil and gravel. Flat top for levelling seedbeds. Bow handles for extra stability. Width: 40 cm

E. Three Tine Cultivator
For breaking up soil between plants in beds and borders. Sharp, pointed tines for hard and stony ground. Can be used with standard handle or long reach handle to reach the back of deep borders. 9cm wide

F. Push Pull Weeder / Hoe
Fast action hoe. Simply work the blade back and forward below soil level. Wavy dual-edged blade cuts efficiently, self-sharpens in use. Sideguards let you work close to plants without damaging them. 10cm wide

G. Fruit Picker Tool
Grab claw and catching bag. With a blade for cutting stems, this fruit grabber snares hard-to-reach plums, oranges, figs, apples, pears, and other fruit, without bruising them.

H. Telescoping Handle
Our telescoping handle adjusts from 48 to 79 inches long and easily attaches with the click of the button to all the tools.

Please note - a handle is NOT automatically included with your order. If you'd like a handle, please start by checking off that item, and then adding whichever attachments you would like.
Handle for the Wolf Long Handled Garden Tool Set$18.99
Wolf Garden Aerator Attachment$35.99
Leaf Rake AttachmentPRICE: $30.00SALE PRICE: $23.99
Wolf Trowel AttachmentPRICE: $18.00SALE PRICE: $11.99
Wolf Bow Rake AttachmentPRICE: $28.00SALE PRICE: $18.99
Wolf Three Tine Cultivator AttachmentPRICE: $18.00SALE PRICE: $15.99
Wolf Push Pull Weeder AttachmentPRICE: $18.00SALE PRICE: $13.99
Wolf Garden - Fruit Picker AttachmentPRICE: $17.99SALE PRICE: $14.99
Wolf Long Handled Tools - Complete SetPRICE: $180.99SALE PRICE: $165.99