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Whitefly Predatory Beetle (Delphastus cataliniae)

5.00 LBS
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Product Description

These are live insects, and in order to increase survival rate during transit. Overnight shipping charge is included in the price.   Orders are shipped within 4 to 6 business days from the order date. Like Hippodamia convergens, Delphastus cataliniae, are exceptionally small ladybug beetles that are just as furocious. These beetles, with their small, shiny round black bodies, love whiteflies, and they are capable of clearing out large populations of them. And, as most beetles are, D. cataliniae are very opportunistic and will eat pests other than whiteflies: spider mites, newly born aphids, insect eggs, etc. D. cataliniae are shipped as pre-fed, pre-mated, adults. Each order contains 100 adults. These beetles are shipped with a tiny amount of Biodiet [beetle diet] in their jar, but it is provided merely as a moisture source. These predators eat very little of the stuff, so it is not recommended for supplemental usage at your release site. Beetle Information:

  • Popular prey: the greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum); the sweet potato or tobacco whitefly (Bemisia tabaci); the silverleaf whitefly (B. argentifolii); other Trialeurodes species; the Japanese bayberry whitefly (Parabemisia myricae); and more obscure, lesser-known species, including, supposedly, the California giant whitefly (sp. unk.) which we understand is a new threat in the west.
  • The larvae, and adults, always eat the youngest, most tender morsels first.. Yumm, larvae!
  • Life-span: 3 weeks in their immature stages, then 4-5 weeks as adults.
  • Living Conditions: For optimum results, between 60-90°F with a relative humidity of 75% and up. (not a prerequisite, though)
  • Cannot handle harsh winters or too much honeydew
  • Uses: Greenhouses, interiorscapes, southern orchards, fields and nurseries. Anywhere conditions are right and food is plentiful! Benefits: These beetles have been known to completely devastate a well-established whitefly infestations in a small amount of time. The females demonstrate a keen sense of survival awareness for their young; laying the eggs in the center of whitefly egg-rings assures the young will find food regardless of the direction travelled after hatch, and thus find it easier to survive. The long-term establishment of these predators are possible in outdoor conditions, mostly. It’s tough indoors because it is nearly impossible to maintain an adequate food source. The beetles consume the whiteflies necessary for their establishment too quickly (this is probably going to really upset growers, huh?). These predators will consume some pollen and a small amount of honeydew (whitefly poop, yuk!). This will aid their proliferation by a small degree. Searching is the trait which most supports the widespread use of these beetles. They’re excellent at it. This allows the release of fewer beetles without compromising results. Especially in large outdoor applications where the hot-spots these beetles are famous for cleaning up are more spread out. Please note - there may be several days delay before these insects are shipped because it can take a few days to wrangle up the healthiest possible specimens. When they are shipped, they will be shipped overnight to minimize deaths in transit. The shipping label will show that they were sent as quickly as possible.

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