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Weed Pharm Organic Weed Killer - Spray Bottle

2.50 LBS
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Product Description

Weed Pharm is a fast acting and non-toxic way to kill weeds. One or two treatments are enough to kill even the most persistent weeds. Best of all, this natural herbicide is biodegradable and won't harm the environment. Weed Pharm is ideal for treating herbaceous broadleaf weeds and creeping grass. It can be used on the lawn to spot treat areas of unwanted growth, or it can be used over a whole field or flowerbed.

WeedPharm works on thorny plants and poison ivy, so you don't have to risk cuts or chemical burns while disposing of those unwanted invaders. The active ingredient in Weed Pharm Weed Control is non-selective. That means it will harm any plant that it's applied to. Herbs, vegetables, and other plants are more sensitive than cactus and brush.

To avoid harming neighboring plants, be very careful in how you apply Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer and don't use it on windy days. Even a few loose droplets can cause unwanted damage. Check out our full selection of Pharm Solutions Products.

When using this spray, please avoid eye contact and do not breathe in the spray. It contains a concentrate of natural ingredients that may cause irritation. Weeds will not develop a tolerance to this organic herbicide. Unlike chemicals that poison the soil or block life processes, this plant killer strips away the waxy coating of leaves. Without the wax coating, all of the moisture escapes and targeted plants die of dehydration.

For the best results, apply in the evening or on a cloudy day. Full sunlight can cause the spray to evaporate prematurely. Avoid spraying at people or around animals. Your order includes 35 fluid ounces of Organic Weed Control. Also available in a larger 1 Gallon bottle. Add a refill to your order, and save on combined shipping! There's no need to shake up or dilute this weed killer - simply spray on the unwanted guests in your lawn, and say goodbye.

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