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Weed Guard Plus

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We're sorry, but this product is no longer available. Visit our Organic Fertilizers section for more weed prevention options.

Keep weeds from encroaching on your vegetable garden with this sheet of Weed Guard Plus. Simply lay it across the soil and cut holes for any bulbs or seedlings that you plant. The sheet prevents weeds from getting a toe hold in the soil nearby, and it boosts crop yields by 20%.

Weed Guard Plus is made from recycled cellulose fiber, which is a natural material that breaks down without leaving any harmful chemicals. It's 100% opaque, which means that it blocks all light from reaching the ground except where holes are cut. Without light, unwanted seeds are unable to germinate.

Size - 50 inches x 23 inches

This ground cloth acts not only as a weed retardant - it also promotes general plant health. The weed blocker is made from organic material that is naturally porous, so it absorbs water and helps regulate soil moisture just like mulch. The material is also a dark color, which helps keep the soil warm and insulated during the cold days of early spring.

The Organic Weed Guard is perfect for growing flowers, vegetables, and fruit. It can be cut to size for any row of plants, or cut even smaller for individual planters and patio trays. The weed blocking sheets can withstand extreme rain and direct sunlight, although they will break down over time.

Here are some of the key benefits:
  • Blocks sunlight and prevents weeds
  • Eliminates stress and back strain from weeding
  • Reduces water loss -- irrigation benefits only your vegetables and plants, not the weeds
  • Unlike plastic ground cover, it's naturally porous
  • Reduced run-off minimizes nutrient loss and soil erosion
  • It naturally decomposes, leaving no plastic debris to clean up
  • Disposal is easy - it can be tilled and plowed into the soil
  • Helps regulate soil temperature for healthier, more productive plants
  • Blends into the soil visually
  • Provides essential and balanced micro-nutrients
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