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Weed Free Garden Planting KitWeed Free Garden Planting Kit

Weed Free Garden Planting Kit

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The Weed Free Garden Planting Kit is a great way to prevent weeds and reduce the amount of work involved in maintaining a vegetable or flower garden. The kit includes soil testing tools and a groundcloth with built in drip irrigation. It helps warm the soil in early spring, and blocks unwanted plants from sprouting.

Weeds are always trying to get into your garden. The common sources are dormant seeds waiting in the soil, seeds that blow in from a neighbor's yard, and runners that sneak in under the surface. The Weed Blocker Garden Blanket stops all of those invaders from getting a foothold. Only the seedlings that you plant get any sunlight, which means that their roots are able to spread and develop without getting choked out by fast growing weeds.

In addition to blocking weeds, the ground cloth helps absorb warmth from sunlight and reduces evaporation. The dark color soaks up sunlight and can raise the soil temperature in the crucial early days of spring. It also stops evaporation by up to 75%, which helps reduce water bills, prevents soil cracking, and protects roots from swings in moisture levels.

The kit includes a sun blocking groundcloth, biodegradable stakes for holding the cloth in place, organic fertilizer, and a soil testing kit. The soil testing kit includes 4 vials, 1 for testing pH and 3 for testing nutrient levels in the soil (NPK).

A 5 pound bag of organic fertilizer is included with the Weed Free Gardening Kit. This fertilizer not only boosts the nutrient levels in your soil but also makes nutrients more accessible to plants by accelerating nutrient cycling. Use this fertilizer as a top dressing before laying the ground cloth, or blend it with the soil as needed.

Technical details:
  • Size: 8' x 10' blanket
  • Drip irrigation system: Built in
  • Irrigation size: 8 mil tape
  • Spacing: 8 inch emitter gaps
  • Flow rate: 40 gallons per hour
  • Organic fertilizer: 5 lb bag + 1 pint of organic gem liquid fertilizer
  • NPK levels: 5:3:4
  • Stakes included: 16 biodegradable fabric stakes

  • Fertilizer Details:

    A 5lb bag of Perfect Garden Organic Granular Fertilizer comes with the Weedless Garden Planting Kit. This dry fertilizer makes a perfect top dressing or amendment for depleted soil. It is organic, chemical free, and is tested for heavy metals. Perfect Garden Fertilizer is OMRI listed and approved for use on gardens and farms seeking Organic certification.

    Its ingredients include Chilean nitrate (from bat guano), feather meal, peanut meal, sulpomag, sulphate of potash, rock phosphate, and aragonite (ground shells).

    The fertilizer has an NPK rating of 5-3-4. That means the total nitrogen is 5%, phosphate is 3%, and potash is 4%. Of the nitrogen, 1.5% is water soluble and 3.5% is insoluble.


    The groundcloth will last for approximately 5 years if exposed to direct sunlight, and lasts for 20 years of longer if covered in mulch.
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