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Dog Urine Grass Protector - 1 Gallon

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This item is no longer available. This helpful grass protector also goes great with our section of pooper scoopers to help keep your yard looking great, year-round.

Does your yard have strangely discolored spots? If you have a dog or cat, they might be responsible for the discoloration. Chemicals in cat urine and dog pee damage the roots of plants and can cause grass to turn colors. Pet urine can damage the roots of your grass and landscape plants. Damaged roots are less efficient at harvesting nutrients from the soil, and stressed plants are vulnerable to drought, disease, and insects.

For a healthy yard, treat your plants with Dog Urine Stain Remover. This treatment neutralizes the ammonia and salts that are commonly found in pet urine. Not only will it protect plants from damage, but Dog Guard also helps control odors.

It can be used to prevent damage, or to repair existing damage. Yellowed spots in the ground grow back slowly under normal conditions, but Dog Urine Stain Remover will help grass regrow quickly. A small spot (2-3 inches in diameter) will typically disappear within 2 weeks of treatment. Larger spots will take longer to go away.

There's no need to choose between a healthy yard and having pets. With this yard protection spray, you wont have to worry about cats or dogs marking their territory.

Treats 20,000 square feet
It takes about 3 minutes to apply DogGuard across 1,000 square feet.

Your order includes a 1 gallon jug of See Spot Run. It should be heavily diluted with water at a ratio of 6.4 fluid ounces per 2 gallons. To simplify this mixing process, use this jug as a refill for the 32 ounce mixing applicator (not included).

The applicator works with your garden hose - just attach the garden hose and turn on the tap water. As water flows through the nozzle, it will be evenly mixed with the GuardDog lawn treatment. Water your yard like normal, and let your pets run around once it dries.

If there are large dead spots in your yard, you should spray the Dog Stain Remover first, then immediately re-seed the area. There's no need to wait for the treatment to dry, and planting seeds while the ground is wet will achieve the best germination rates.

There are no toxic chemicals in Dog Stain Remover. The product is made in the USA using beneficial bacteria and organic ingredients. That means dogs, children, and wild animals will not be harmed even if they eat treated grass. Your whole family can roll in the grass without any worries. If you spill any on your clothes, wash with detergent right away to prevent staining. Doggie Stain Remover is also available in a 32 oz container with a trigger spray nozzle.
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Dog Urine Grass Protector - 1 Gallon