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Ultimate Tomato Cage (Set of 2)

Regular Price: $29.99

We're sorry, but these tomato cages are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Each order includes 2 Ultimate Tomato Cages.

These cages are a great way to support your tomatoes and improve yield. Taking the weight off of tomato vines allows them to devote more energy to producing fruit. A well braced tomato plant is also less susceptible to damage from strong winds. The reduced stress on the plant results in improved health and lower risk of disease.

These reinforced tomato cages are made from heavy duty, weather resistant plastic. The Ultimate Tomato Cage folds up flat for easy storage, and is quick to unfold and setup when you're ready to grow again next season.

The cage is formed by 4 stakes that anchor to the ground and 4 hoops that rise up in ascending size. This ascending shape forms a cone of support for tomatoes. As the stems spread out, this cage provides an expanding support structure.

If you want fuller, healthier, and more numerous tomatoes, choose the Ultimate Tomato Cage.

These Tomato Cages are re-usable and offer great value for your money. When you order from us, you'll get 2 Ultimate Tomato Cages at a time. If you want 4 cages - order 2 sets, if you want 8 cages - order 4 sets... etc.

Tomato Cage Dimensions

  • Height: 47 inches tall
  • Diameter: The hoops vary from 8 inches to 16 inches in diameter

  • Give your tomatoes a boost, and stand back. With proper watering, light, soil, and support, tomato plants can produce an astounding amount of fruit!
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