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Ultra Efficient Garden Stool Saves Time, Money

Ultra Efficient Garden Stool Saves Time, Money
By Kent Reed Swanson

Recently, the University of Wisconsinís Healthy Farmers, Healthy Profits Project began research on an ultra-efficient farming tool. The Ultimate Strap on Gardening Stool is manufactured in Europe, and was originally designed for milking cows. The idea was to introduce the stool to small scale vegetable farmers to increase their efficiency in maintenance and harvest of their crops.

The results were surprising. The University asked Tim Powers of Hastings, Minnesota to try the product for a short time, and he was so convinced of the results that he bought three for his nursery. His workers are now happier, healthier and work much faster with this new tool.

The strap-on stool puts workers in a comfortable position to prune, weed, plant seeds, etc. As farm workers spend so much time kneeling and stressing their backs and legs, this new technology helps reduce strain on the back and knees. Less stress on the body means faster workers and a more efficient business.

The stool actually straps onto your butt, and is adjustable for individual comfort. With the stool attached, the worker can move around the garden, farm or nursery with ease to work on new projects. The stool is very light weight (four pounds) and will not disturb the movement of the worker. The stool also adjusts to different heights for a variety of tasks.

You can purchase the gardening stool from this page.

For more information on ultra-efficient farming tools, see the Healthy Farmers, Healthy Profits Project web site: http://bse.wisc.edu/hfhp/

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