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National Home Gardening Club Tumbleweed Composter Test Results

National Home Gardening Club Tumbleweed Composter Test Results

Product Tested Tumbleweed Compost Bin
Quantity Tested 27
Approval Percentage 100%
Price Point Approval 71%

Test Criteria Average Score
Ease of use 9.1
Clarity of instructions 8.7
Design 9.1
Performance 10.0
Durability 9.5
Rated against similar products 8.0
Appearance 8.0
Results achieved 8.0
Overall rating 9.6
Overall average 8.9

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What National Home Gardening Club Members said in their ratings:

"Had usable compost in four weeks. Container size was more than adequate!"
Margaret Charles
Lincoln, Missouri

"My husband is a builder, and he was very impressed with how sturdy and well-built it was. I loved the ease of using it and not having to turn it at all with a fork. I do have a 3 bin composter that is much more work."
Judith A Prange
Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

"Easy to assemble. Sturdy. Easy to put scraps etc into and the best feature - easy to turn and mix. I love this composter! Don't look like a "sore spot" in the yard. Thanks for the opportunity to test this wonderful product."
Cindy F
West Harrison, Indiana

"Like the idea that both ends open to add things to it. So easy to turn when ever walk by and can be placed any where ground or concrete."
Laura Knight
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"This product was easy to assemble. It took 20 minutes. The compact size and vertical rotation feature makes it easy to store in small areas. The 4 week composting time makes it convenient to start a new mulch cycle every time the lawn is mowed. The spin feature makes it easy to mix the contents and thus speeds up the composting process."
Karen Truglio
Blackstone, Massachusetts

"I can't believe how fast the grass clippings broke down into compost. I have always had compost piles that needed turning and it took so long."
Alexandri Berry
Elko, Minnesota

"A composter is much easier and cleaner than building a box and having it on the ground."
Charlotte Smith
Marion, IN

"Works quick, holds a lot, doesn't take up much space. Easy to open and close."
Alison Urbanek
Kill Devil Hill, NC

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