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Tree Staple Tree Stake

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The Tree Staple helps young trees and bushes survive planting and grow up straight. It works like a ground stake and is easier to apply than a wire or pole support system. Tree staples are low maintenance, easy to conceal, and very durable.

When you transplant a tree or bush, stakes play an important role in stabilizing the root ball. As the ground settles, plants can often tilt over or subside in strange directions. Underground movement can tear the roots, crack the trunk, and even kill the tree. This stabilization system prevents that from happening.

To prevent root exposure or unaesthetic leaning, pin the root ball in place with a Tree Staple. This hook drives into the ground and holds the root ball in the proper orientation.

It takes less than a minute to staple the tree. Put the tree in a proper sized hole, put the staple in place, and then tap it a few times with a sledgehammer (the staple, not the tree). That's it!

The tree staple can be used with a wide variety of plants, ranging from 5 to 20 gallons in size. It works on both trees and bushes. Other tree support systems have to be removed to prevent strangling the trees, but the tree staple can be left in place as the plant grows. This means a lot less work, especially when landscaping large areas.

For larger trees, multiple staples may be required. We recommend 2 staples for all trees, and 3 for plants with a root ball larger than 16 inches in diameter.

Tree Staples are also safer to use than guy wires, poles, cords, and other above ground supports. Tree Staples burrow into the ground so that they don't interfere with lawn mowing or enjoying your yard. There's no raised object for children to trip on or pets to get tangled in.

The tree and bush staples are reusable, but there's no need to dig them out of the ground. The carbon steel will not harm plants. If left in place, tree staples help prevent shifting or cracking in the soil over the long term.

Technical Details:
  • Dimensions: 24 inches long
  • Made from: Uncoated carbon steel
  • Made in the USA
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