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Tomato Ceramic Grow Pot

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This tomato grow pot is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Browse our current selection of garden planters.

Grow tomatoes indoors, and never have to worry about birds, ants, or other garden pests stealing your juicy fruit! This hand painted ceramic pot has everything you need to grow fresh tomatoes indoors or out on your patio. It comes with compost based potting soil, seeds, and a ceramic pot to hold everything together. There are also easy-access watering ports around the base of the pot, so you never have to guess if there's enough water.

This planter comes with seeds for dwarf cherry tomatoes. The dwarf cherry tomato is a great starter tomato - it's full of flavor and develops quickly. If something goes wrong (let's say you forget to water the tomatoes while away on vacation) there are enough seeds to start over later.

Why grow your own?

Growing your own tomatoes is a great way to cut the size of your grocery bill while ensuring a year round supply of fresh food. Tomatoes are amazing producers - a single plant can produce more tomatoes than the average American eats (yes, even counting Ketchup). By growing your own tomatoes using organic methods, you can also
control your pesticide exposure and enjoy increased levels of antioxidants.

The ceramic pots are 6 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter, with the diameter measured tip to tip across two of the water pour spouts. There are four of these pour spouts all around the pot - they prevent rot by allowing you to pour water directly onto the roots without wetting the tomatoes. You can also tell at a glance if the growing pot needs to be watered!
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