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Spruce Wood Composter

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Sorry this composter is out of stock until 2013. Please check out our popular new Spin Bin compost tumbler.

The Spruce Composter is made from sustainably harvested wood that has been processed to make it resistant to rot and insect attack. Torrefied Wood is beautiful, long-lasting, and lightweight. This large composter is made from FSC Certified Lumber and will stand up to the elements for years before breaking down into non-toxic components.

With composting, bigger is better. This large composter has plenty of space for lawn trimmings, tree clippings, and kitchen scraps. It can be used for batch composting or continuous composting.

This bottomless composter is designed so that excess moisture drains to the ground. This prevents compost from turning anaerobic and helps the ground below at the same time. Active compost bacteria soak into the soil, and the composter can be used to rejuvenate dead patches in the yard. It should not be placed on concrete or wood decks though, because compost tea can cause stains.

Vents in the side of the composter promote airflow. A healthy supply of oxygen is essential for aerobic bacteria - the more air flow they get, the better. As bacteria digest compost, they generate heat which creates a chimney effect in this composter. Fresh air is pulled in by rising air, reducing the need for manual turning of the compost. Instead of daily turning, we suggest stirring this compost once a week.

The large size holds approximately 87.5 gallons of material (~13.5 cubic feet).

The lid is held in place by gravity, which means there are no clumsy latches or tie-downs to fumble with when your hands are full of kitchen or yard scraps. It is heavier than a plastic lid and unlikely to blow away. It will also keep large animals like raccoons and squirrels out of the compost, although it wont stop bears or ninjas (if you live in bear country or in a ninja infested area, composting may not be right for you).

Technical Details
  • Size: 25 x 25 x 30 inches
  • Weight (not including compost): 30 lbs
  • Made from FSC Certified Canadian Spruce
  • Heat treated for durability

  • There are no chemicals or added heavy metals in the Spruce Composter. Instead of treating the lumber with poisons or acids to slow down decomposition, this wood has been heat-treated through torrefaction. This earth friendly process deters wood ants, termites, fungus, and the other organisms that normally break down wood very quickly.

    What is torrefaction?
    Torrefaction is a chemical-free process that turns ordinary wood into stronger, weather resistant lumber. The properties are altered by heating it in an airtight kiln. This heat dries up all the moisture and then consumes the wood sugars. It leaves behind only tough fibers and lignin.

    Torrefaction reduces the weight of wood by more than 60%, while increasing density and strength. Since there's no oxygen in the kiln, the wood doesn't turn brittle like charcoal. Instead, it stays strong and develops a moisture repellent surface.

    Heat treatment also gives wood a pleasing color without the use of dyes or stains. Spruce lumber is known as whitewood, but torrefied spruce has a rich color like cedar or redwood. Grains in the wood are more clearly defined, and the texture is smoother to the touch.

    Why use sustainable wood?
    Wood is a non-toxic alternative to plastic, and it will not leach chemicals into the water or soil. Wood is one of the few materials that can be fully recycled after it wears out.

    Lumber comes from a variety of sources, and it's often difficult to tell if buying wood promotes slash and burn deforestation or careful stewardship of the land. With wood from a certified source, it's easy to verify that your purchases support only the best land management practices.

    This composter is made from Canadian Spruce that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. In order to get this certification, foresters must meet or exceed 57 criteria that address legal issues, indigenous rights, labor rights, economic sustainability, and environmental impacts. Following these strict guidelines ensures that the forests and the wildlife that rely on them will still be there for our grandchildren to enjoy.

    For the best results:
    Even though this wood is water repellent, it should be kept out of puddles or drainage ditches. To get the longest lifespan from this composter, position it on sloped ground with good drainage. Use a tree, roof eave, or awning to reduce UV exposure. Intense ultraviolet light will cause fading and it can also kill the helpful bacteria in your compost bin.
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