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24" Watering Stake for Trees24" Watering Stake for Trees

24" Watering Stake for Trees

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We're sorry, but this watering stake is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Take a look at the rest of our lawncare products for more of our current selection.

The Deep Drip Tree Watering Stakes was Member Tested and Recommended by the National Home Gardening Club.

Healthy trees are built on top of healthy roots. A mature redwood, elm, or pine tree has a root system that can extend as far underground as the top of the tree extends above ground. Taking care of this unseen part of your tree can pay back dividends in improving the health, growth rate, and productivity of your trees.

Deep roots hold the trunk firmly to the ground. Strong plants can withstand drought and high winds because their roots reach deep into the water table and act like an underground anchor. Deep roots also provide improved access to nutrients in the soil, which means that the tree has better access to supplies in an emergency and it can even produce more fruit or nuts than other trees.

All plants would like to have deep and extensive roots, but roots have to be nurtured to reach their full potential. To ensure deep roots, landscaping experts recommend heavy watering at infrequent intervals. Taking care of trees and shrubs like this can by dicey, because it's easy to make watering mistakes. Too little water means that the branches will be stunted and dehydrated. Too much watering can saturate the soil and cause root rot.

These 24 Inch Water Stakes make it easy to get just the right amount of water to your trees. The Tree Watering Stakes have a port at the top, and vented holes down their length. When water is poured into the top of the stake, it flows directly to the roots and soaks the ground around the roots. These stakes are designed to work with a garden hose, flood irrigation, or automatic landscape drip system (a standard 0.25 inch drip irrigation line will fit the top perfectly).

The Root Watering Stake encourages roots to grow vertically instead of spreading out horizontally. Often, when trees are unable to find water below them, they compensate by spreading out roots in a shallow network near the surface. These roots often become exposed, which not only looks ugly, but can even make the tree's roots vulnerable to insect or animal damage. An extensive network of surface roots will also choke out grass and prevent other vegetation from growing around your tree.

These spikes also reduce the risk of overwatering. If the ground is saturated, the tubes will fill with liquid and slowly release the moisture over time. After the water has drained away, air will flow through the stakes into the soil. In this way, they also promote healthy soil by accelerating soil aeration.

Large shade trees require more water than skinny little saplings. So, you may want to put 2, 3, 4, or more of these stakes around each tree. We recommend 1 watering stake for every 2 caliper inches of trunk size. These 24 inch stakes are ideal for trees that are more than 6 feet tall. For smaller trees, we also carry a 14 inch Watering Stake.
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