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Strawberry Gardening Products

Strawberries are as easy to grow as they are to eat. Strawberries have juicy, bright red fruit that adds a bit of color to any garden! They are perennial plants that can withstand cold winter weather. Strawberries thrive in full sunshine but require fertile and well drained soil.

Strawberries do very well in containers or indoors. Container raised strawberries often have more color and flavor, because containers allow the plant to be positioned for prime sunlight while offering shelter from rainfall and extreme wind. Strawberries need a stable microclimate, and self watering planters allow strawberry plants to produce the fullest, healthiest berries.

Strawberries are a popular ingredient in jams, pies, cakes, and many other delicious treats. They can cost an arm and a leg at stores and road-side stands, and they often travel long distances to reach our grocery shelves. You can save money and save the environment by growing your own.

Some common cultivars of strawberry include the Brighton, Chandler, Fern, Fort Laramie, Earliglow, Cornwallis, Cavendish, Redchief, Allstar, Sparkle, Hecker, Lassen, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Quinault, Rainier, Selva, Sequoia, Tillikum, and Tristar.

Well maintained strawberry plants will produce for three to four years. Every strawberry is covered in huge numbers of seeds, and those seeds can be harvested for decades of enjoyment! Here are some of the products we offer to help you get the best results with your strawberries: