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Stormglass Weather Predictor

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With the Storm Glass Weather Predictor, you can foretell the future. This unusual steampunk device has been in use for more than 160 years, and how it works is still not understood. Yet it works! The liquid inside of the glass jar changes color and consistency when changes in the weather approach.

It predicts storms, the end of storms, frost, rain, snow, fog, and clear weather. As atmospheric conditions change, crystals will form inside the glass. The number and shape of the crystals indicates the approaching weather.

This stormglass is available in your choice of brass or chrome. It is 1.625 inches in diameter, and 5.75 inches tall.

The Weems Stormglass comes with an attractive gift box. You can also get a plaque with the weather station that explains the different crystal patterns and what they auger.

Admiral Fitzroy is credited with the invention of the storm glass and it's use has a rich maritime history. Admiral Fitzroy is also remembered as the captain of the HMS Beagle, and the stormglass first saw use during his voyage to the Galapagos islands with Charles Darwin.

The Stormglass has been used to predict hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones, and is still widely used today. Since it doesn't require batteries or electricity, the storm glass is a reliable backup to sophisticated meteorological instruments.

Compared to the Tempest Prognosticator and other Victorian devices, Fitzroy's stormglass is positively high tech!

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