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Klean Kanteen 27 Ounce Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Price: $8.99
Regular Price: $17.99

We're sorry, but this stainless steel water bottle is no longer available.

This unique, reusable and lightweight stainless steel water bottle was introduced in 2004 to encourage better health, hydration, and environmental responsibility.

The bottles are made from #304 stainless steel, the material of choice in the food processing, dairy, and brewery industries. Stainless steel is easy to clean, durable, inert, sanitary, toxin-free, and non-leaching.

These are the stainless steel alternative to plastics. Plastics in landfills and oceans are one of the most alarming of today's environmental stories.

Product Features

  • Durable, ultralight electropolished #304 stainless steel.

  • Slim design fits most bottle holders.

  • Toxin-free and non-leaching.

  • Clean tasting.

  • Bottle is dishwasher safe, washing caps in the dishwasher is not recommended.

  • Fits most car cup holders. The bottle is approximately 2 7/8 inches in diameter.

  • Don't forget to get the additional optional Stainless Steel Loop Cap and a Reusable Water Bottle Insulator Sleeve!

    Why is stainless steel better that aluminum?

    Aluminum although light weight has to be lined with something to make sure the contents are safe for drinking. Usually it is lined with baked on epoxy (toxic) or ceramic (can crack). Unlined aluminum can contaminate water, giving it an unpleasant flavor and posing potential health risks.

    How do I clean my stainless steel water bottle?

    Stainless steel water bottles are dishwasher safe (washing caps in the dishwasher is not recommended because H2O can squeeze itself into the cap) or easy to clean with a bottle brush and mild soap. We recommend an old fashioned cleaner: white vinegar and baking soda.

    Is the stainless steel water bottle a thermos?

    No. A stainless steel water bottle is a single-walled bottle and has little insulating properties. Keep in mind that if your drink is boiling hot, the bottle will be too hot to directly handle.

    Why is the sports cap made of plastic and not stainless steel?

    Your teeth. We chose polypropylene #5 because it has no known leaching characteristics and is softer if you hit a bump on the trail while drinking. The plastic is BPA free. If you'd rather avoid plastic altogether, a stainless steel screw-on lid is available as an accessory.

    How much does a stainless steel water bottle weigh?

    Stainless steel water bottles are lighter than they look. The 27 ounce bottle weighs 8 ounces.

    Can I put hot liquids in my stainless steel water bottle?

    No, Klean Kanteens are single walled and not for use with hot liquids. They will heat up quickly, and the high temperature can hurt your hands.

    Can I put my Kanteen in the freezer?

    We don't recommend it. When water freezes, it expands with incredible force and can break the Kanteen. If you are going to put the KleenKanteen in the freezer, please leave the lid off and don't fill it more than 2/3 of the way.

    Can I put ice cubes in my Klean Kanteen?

    Yes, you can. The opening at the top of the bottle is about 1.5 inches in diameter - big enough for most ice cubes without any need for crushing. If you put ice in your Klean Kanteen, please remember that it is only single walled and the metal will get very cold.
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