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Rose & Flower Food Fertilizer

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Rose bushes and flowers are hungry little suckers. They need a steady supply of nutrients from the soil to achieve glorious blooms. For lush foliage and colorful flowers, don't forget Premium Blend Rose and Flower Plant Food.

This plant food helps nourish stems and roots so that they can support huge blossoming flowers. It includes several varieties of nitrogen for immediate and lasting effects. The soluble nitrates are absorbed right away, while the slow release components provide up to three months of balanced feeding.

After applying the flower fertilizer, lightly water your plants or add compost tea. This will help work the supplement into the soil. Avoid overwatering: excessive watering can wash away the insoluble components of the fertilizer and can pollute local streams and ponds.

This fertilizer contains no petroleum products. Unlike other fertilizers, the ingredients of this product are not derived from petro chemicals, so using this fertilizer doesn't have the same environmental or economic impact. Instead, it's made from alfalfa meal, kelp, bone meal, poultry litter, nitrate of soda, greensand, and sulfate of potash. Many of these ingredients are recycled waste products, and choosing this fertilizer saves the landfill space they would otherwise fill.

Garden Naturals Rose fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 3-4-3. That's 3 percent Nitrogen, 4 percent available Phosphate (P2-O5), and 3 percent soluble Potassium (K20). The Nitrogen percentages are as follows: 0.3% Nitrate Nitrogen, 2.7% water insoluble Nitrogen.

Rose & Flower Food Fertilizer Details:

  • NPK Ratio: 3-4-3 (3% Nitrogen, 4% Phosphorous, 3% Potassium)
  • Net weight: 4 lbs / 1.81 Kilos
  • Balanced nutrients with slow release formula
  • Contains trace minerals, including calcium
  • Clean, dustless granules
  • Two 4lb bags per order (for a total of 8 pounds).
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