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Roll of 200 Biodegradable Dog Poop bags

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Product Description

These are an excellent companion to our array of pooper scoopers. Pick up after your pet, and protect the planet at the same time. These biodegradable bags are a convenient and effective way to clean up animal waste without using plastic. They're made from corn, break down into soil, and will not kill wild animals. Your order includes 200 bags (in five rolls of 40 bags each). These rolls are a convenient size to carry with you on long walks, or you can unwind 2 bags and stuff them in a pocket. Each bag is 8.5 inches wide and 12.6 inches high. They are 0.92 millimeters thick. Fits most dispensers. The roll drops in and helps prevent a stinky mess from spoiling your favorite trail. Why biodegradable bags are better
Most plastic bags are made from oil, but these natural bags come from corn. This not only cuts down on oil consumption, but it also creates bags that will break down over time. Conventional plastic does not decompose, and plastic pollution is a problem that will take hundreds or thousands of years to go away. Corn is a renewable resource. Using corn plastic instead of oil-based materials can help reduce the demand for foreign oil while also reducing the trade deficit. Corn based plastic is also gentler on wildlife because it can be digested. Shards of conventional plastic are often mistaken for food, and they can suffocate and kill animals. Wont pet droppings decompose on their own?
Pet poop will eventually return to the earth, but the process takes months. During that time, untreated sewage is smelly, ugly, and dangerous. Pet waste often washes into streams and lakes, where it consumes oxygen and releases ammonia. This encourages algal blooms, and can turn beautiful waterways into smelly sludge. Sewage runoff is also a major problem for coastal communities - it often causes beach closings and can kill many wild animals such as clams, fish, and seabirds. Pet droppings are full of pathogens. These harmful bacteria spread easily, and they can affect people too. Pathogens travel from the ground onto shoes, doorknobs, countertops, and silverware. Carefully disposing of dog and cat droppings breaks this chain and prevents illness. Droppings can harm your yard and kill off sensitive plants. Dog and cat feces are high in nitrates, heavy metals, and bio accumulative toxins. These things build up at the top of the food chain, and do not help fertilize the soil. Instead, they can stunt plant growth cause or cause dead patches in an otherwise healthy yard. Animal waste is a big problem. More than 10 million pounds of pet waste is produced every year. Are you doing your part to scoop the poop?

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