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Rich Earth Soil Conditioner

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After years of heavy fertilizer use, many lawns lose their ability to retain minerals. Repeated applications of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium displace other nutrients that plants need for healthy, sustained growth. Chemical fertilizers can also destroy soils natural ability to retain water, because they lead to a buildup of insoluble compounds.

Whole Earth Soil comes from a mine in southeastern Utah, near where dinosaur bones are found. This layer of soil contains the remains of extinct ferns, cycads, conifers, and angiosperms (flowering plants like magnolia, ficus, and sassafras). The soil was virtually sealed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, and the climate of the area has historically been very dry. This unusual combination of events protected the Humate ore from rain, which is why it's exceptionally rich in soluble nutrients and vital fulvic acids.

**Ships in a plain white 25lb bag, with instructions.

Put 75 million years of composting to work in your garden! This soil conditioner includes two types of colloidal plant matter - Humic Shale Ore and Leonardite. Between these two forms of ancient humus, Rich Earth Soil Conditioner offers more than 70 essential trace minerals in colloidal form - these minerals can improve the health of your plants and boost the nutrient content of your fruits and vegetables.

Rich Earth Mineral Soil Conditioner releases nutrients slowly - a single appication works for 6 to 9 months! This soil treatment is also OMRI listed, which means that it meets with the approval of the Organic Materials Review Institute in the areas of organic production, processing, and handling.

Technical Details
  • Contains 70+ Trace minerals and Polyfloramin
  • 45% humic acid
  • 14% fulvic acid.
  • Suggested Application: 1-2 Tablespoons per average size plant and 1-2 lbs. per 100 square feet.
  • A 25 lb. bag treats approximately 2,500 square feet of soil.
  • Compared to leaf compost, Rich Earth Soil is 3000% more effective at conditioning soil. It takes 750 pounds of leaf compost to equal one 25 pound bag of Rich Earth in soil conditioning properties, and the Rich Earth Mineral Treatment has dozens of trace minerals that may not be found in leaf compost. It is also pH neutral, as opposed to many types of acidic compost.

    **Ships in a plain white 25lb bag, with instructions.

  • Supplies essential nutrients and minerals
  • Improves water retention in the soil
  • Aerates the soil, making it easier for roots to expand and for worms to dig
  • Delivers powerful buffering acids that protect soil pH.
  • Rich Earth contains three different types of acids - each with a role to play in plant health:
  • Humic acids help plants extract nutrients from the soil.
  • Ulmic acids stimulate root formation and growth.
  • Fulvic acids give plants strength to withstand stress - such as drought, insect attack, or pruning.
  • Suggested use: Use on all plants, fruits, vegetables, turf. For container plants, twice a year is ideal for conditioning the soil.

    **Ships in a plain white 25lb bag, with instructions.
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