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2 Reusable Dry Cleaning Bags

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Two bags per order!

If you ever worry about the amount of single-use plastic bags you're throwing out from the dry cleaners, this reusable dry cleaning bag may be the answer to your troubles. It acts as a laundry hamper, dry cleaning bag and garment bag all in one.

Having a reusable dry cleaning bag will eliminate thousands of plastic bags that hit the landfill every year that often don't decompose completely. These reusable bags are made from a recyclable, breathable, water-resistant material. Because single-use dry cleaner bags are made of plastic, if they are not removed from dry cleaned clothes, they trap the chemicals on the clothes inside the bag, which then leach into your skin. Using a reusable dry cleaning bag allows your clothes to breath and release those chemicals anywhere but your skin.

Two bags per order!

There are several features that make this bag so practical. This reusable dry cleaning and laundry bag has a draw string on one end that opens either the top for putting clothes in or on the bottom for taking hanging clothes out. There is a small opening at the other end that allows hangers to pop through and keep clothes hung anywhere. The clear plastic pocket on the front holds name cards, so you can always tell which bag belongs to you. There is also a carrying strap on the back side that makes it easy to carry a full bag of clothes with you anywhere.

These reusable dry cleaning bags are not only a stylish alternative to plastic bags, they are also a practical and eco-friendly one. Be prepared to have other dry cleaning customers ask you where you got your wonderful, eco-friendly dry cleaning bag!

Reusable Dry Cleaning Bag features:
  • At home: can be used as a hanging hamper on the back of a door or as a laundry bag in a hamper frame
  • In transit: can be a duffle bag or dirty clothes carrying bag to the laundry mat or dry cleaners
  • After cleaning: can hold all your dry cleaning and is a garment bag

    Two bags per order!
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