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Refill for Trapple Fruit Fly Trap

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The Refill for Trapple Fruit Fly Trap is made from non-toxic material. Please do not try to use these refills for anything other than the Trapple Fruit Fly Trap.

Each glue card for the fruit fly trap can hold 50 to 100 insects. The glue cards and attractant cups should be replaced every 30 to 45 days for the fruit fly trap to work properly.

To switch out old material and install refills, just pop the lid of the apple open and remove the contents. Then puncture the fruit fly attractant cup with a pencil or pen tip and place it back in the bottom of the apple. Make sure it is facing up. Then peel the liner off the glue card and place that over the attractant cup with the sticky side facing up as well. After you have the contents in the apple correctly, close the apple.

Recommended Use
  • Sanitize fruit fly area before placing the trap
  • Place anywhere fruit flies are a problem
  • Replace glue card and attractant cup after 45 days
  • Made in the USA!
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