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Rain Water Diverter

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Water from your rooftop can be used for a wide variety of things, such as preventing cracks in your foundation, watering your garden, and recharging your cistern. If your house has traditional gutters and downspouts, most of the water that falls on your roof is wasted when it pours onto the ground.

With this Rain Water Diverter, you can reroute water from your downspout into your rain barrel for later use. Or, you can channel water onto thirsty plants, into ornamental ponds, or to other convenient locations. Using this rain diverter will prevent the rapid erosion that often occurs underneath a downspout. If basement flooding is a problem in your area, this downspout diverter offers a way to stay dry, prevent costly repairs, and cut your water bill all at the same time.

This rainfall diverter can also be installed at waist or shoulder height to create a useful stream of water for washing your hands or cleaning tools. Alternately, you can install a rain barrel or collection bucket next to your downspout and point the diverter at it. Just add the rain diverter to the tubing from your gutter - it connects like a junction pipe. When water is flowing through the pipe, water will flow through the path of least resistance.

The diverter can be flipped between on and off positions. When the water spout is open, water will be channeled out of the chute, and when it's closed water will flow through the downspout as if the diverter wasn't even there.

Please exercise caution - it may not be a great idea to go out and garden in the rain, even though the diverter can help you control the flow of water, it doesn't do much to route lightning. When the sky start to growl at you, that's usually a good time to put your tools down and go inside!

Technical Details:
  • Composition: Galvanized steel
  • Size: 11" tall and 3" wide
  • Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  • Top opening: 3 1/8" wide x 2 1/2"
  • Bottom opening: 2 3/8 wide x 1 5/8"
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