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Rain Barrel Reviews: Lars's Quick Picks

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Product Description

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of time digging through all the information on our site to find the best rain barrel for their house. When you're looking at 20 different rain barrels in every conceivable shape and size, it's hard to compare. If you're in a hurry, or you trust me enough to go with what I think, consider one of these two rain barrels.
  • This Woodgrain Rain Barrel is one of our top sellers, and I think it's the best looking rain barrel that we offer. It's designed to look like an old fashioned whiskey barrel, but it has a flat back so that it goes right up against the side of your house, saving space. It holds about 50 gallons.
  • This 58 gallon rain barrel isn't the prettiest one you've ever seen, but it's great because it takes an old barrel that was previously used to store food and reuses it. You're keeping a barrel out of the landfill, and you're also capturing rainwater with it. You'll get double eco-friendly points from Al Gore, or whoever it is who gives out those kinds of things. Even if you don't care about the points, you'll like the low price on this rain barrel. There are several accessories that you should also consider if you are going to buy a rain barrel. Make sure that you have some kind of downspout attachment to make it easier to get water into the barrel. The Garden Watersaver is our most popular. It works with both completely sealed barrels and the regular rain barrels that we have for sale. Don't forget mosquito dunks. Each dunk lasts up to a month, and kills mosquito larvae before they can hatch. They are safe for other living creatures though, and can even be used in fish ponds. We also have a cool battery powered electric pump to get the water out a little quicker. Other Rain Barrel Quick Picks Cheap Rain Barrels
  • Paintable 55 Gallon Recycled Rain Barrel $159.99
  • 55 Gallon Rain Barrel $159.99
  • 60 Gallon Black Rainbarrel $179.99
  • Faux Whiskey Rain Barrel $159.99 Big Rain Barrels
  • 300 Gallon Rain Barrel 300 gallons
  • 118 Gallon Rain Barrel 118 gallons Collapsible Rain Barrels
  • 52 gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel w/ Diverter Kit
  • 118 Gallon Rain Barrel Flat Back Rain Barrels
  • 80 Gallon Rainsaver Rain Barrel
  • Faux Whiskey Rain Barrel
  • Woodgrain Rain Barrel
  • 38 Gallon Rainsaver - Flatback Rainbarrel
  • Octagon 54 gallon rain barrel
  • Octagon Double 108 gallon rain barrel
  • 70 Gallon Square Wooden Rain Barrel
  • Recycled Plastic Whiskey Barrel
  • Flower Planter & Rain Barrel
  • Elevated 45 Gallon Rain Barrel
  • Recycled 80 Gallon Rainsaver Rain Barrel
  • 55 Gallon Rain Barrel with Planter
  • 47 Gallon Rain Barrel
  • 118 Gallon Rain Barrel
  • Rain Hog Modular Rain Barrel
  • Northland 65 Gallon Rain Barrel Decorative Rain Barrels
  • 55 Gallon Rain Barrel with Planter
  • Flower Planter & Rain Barrel
  • Elevated 45 Gallon Rain Barrel
  • Northland 65 Gallon Rain Barrel
  • 50 Gallon Rain Barrel Urn Wooden Rain Barrels
  • 67 Gallon Round Wooden Rain Barrel
  • White Oak Whisky Barrel 59 gallon Rain Barrel
  • 70 Gallon Square Wooden Rain Barrel Rain Barrel Accessories
  • Mosquito Control Dunks
  • Pump for Rain Barrels - Battery Powered
  • Garden Watersaver Downspout attachment
  • Rain Water Diverter
  • Downspout redirector
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