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Protection from Sunlight

Plants love the sun, and strong light often makes plants more vibrant. On the other hand, intense sunlight can be a real pain for gardeners. Sunburns are no fun, and leathery skin isn't going to win any beauty contests.

A little bit of sun protection can make a real difference. Sunscreen and protective clothing block the suns rays and prevent UV radiation from damaging our skin. We carry gloves with high UPF ratings as well as SPF 30 sunscreens that are free from carcinogens and earth friendly.

Extended exposure to sunlight increases the risk of skin cancer and unsightly liver spots. If you have a history of melanoma or live in an area with extreme sunlight, you should take advantage of extra protection. In addition to wearable sun protection, why not add arbors and create shaded work areas? Or, you can skip the sun entirely and use our indoor gardening kits!