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Prescription Drug Pill Terminator Disposal SystemPrescription Drug Pill Terminator Disposal System

Prescription Drug Pill Terminator Disposal System

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Three easy steps to dispose of unwanted or expired prescription drugs.

Here is how you use the Pill Terminator Prescription Drug Disposal System:

First: open the Pill Terminator bottle and add your prescriptions pills you want to safely dispose of. Add up to 300 medium sized pills or equivalent – pills, capsules, liquids and powders.

Second: fill with warm water and screw the lid back on.

Finally: give the bottle a good shake, then throw the bottle in the trash.

Why Buy Prescription Drug Pill Terminator Disposal System:

  • Easy & safe pill disposal solution
  • Dispose of expired prescription medicines
  • Child safe in-home pill & medication removal
  • Household, clinic and hospital applications
  • Environmentally responsible solution to pill disposal
  • The Pill Terminator is a safe, easy, and affordable way of eliminating unwanted, unused prescription drugs

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 100 people die every day due to an overdose of prescription drugs. The CDC estimates more than 70,000 children are rushed to hospital emergency rooms every year due to accidental poisoning or overdose from prescription medications.

    Pill Terminator is designed to eliminate accidental prescription pill poisoning. Pill Terminator is only about the size of a soft drink can but it eliminates up to 300 medium sized pills or equivalent – pills, capsules, liquids and powders.

    By using the Pill Terminator pill disposal system you can safely be rid of all of your unwanted expired or unused medicine. We all have a medicine cupboard at home that is filled old prescription medication that are no longer needed, and we hold on to them because, “just in case” right? But these old medications can be a huge health risk in families that have young children and teens. It is better to safely discard your medication using Pill Terminator than to simply leave it in a drawer where children can get to it.

    Even without the dangers that are presented by unsafe medication around children, there is also the danger of expired medication. All medication has an expiration date, and it can be very dangerous even for a healthy adult to digest expired medication. By using a simple pill disposal solution like Pill Terminator you can safely get rid of you medication when it expires, and get rid of the risk of accidentally ingesting pills that have gone bad.
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