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Mobile Chicken Coop with Pen and Wheels

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Looking for a small, starter chicken coop that's movable?

This is your best choice. This small chicken coop houses 2 to 3 chickens, but it's built on a movable frame so you have a portable chicken coop.

A movable chicken coop is a good idea to keep chickens rounded up, without limiting access to fresh ground. Chickens can cause a wreck in your garden. They'll even eat leaves off of plants. So, a run is a good idea.

Looking for a chicken coop for 4 to 6 chickens? Check out our Standard Backyard Urban Chicken Coop.

This frame can easily be lifted onto its wheels by one person and rolled around the backyard. It's also the easy way to fertilize a garden space without any work. Simply prepare the soil in the space the chicken coop was sitting.

Mobile Chicken Coop with Pen and Wheels Product Details:

Chicken pen size: 4'L x 4'W x 22"H-
The pen or chicken run gives the chickens access to 16 square foot of fresh ground. Instinct will kick in with the chickens. Naturally, they’ll use the ladder to return to their coop at dusk. Pen is built to last from rot resistant cedar.

Ladder functions as a door-
If you live in an area that may have chicken predators, like skunks or foxes, the ladder can securely close as a door. This will protect the chickens at night in the coop.

Droppings Tray-
Although this is a movable chicken coop, you'll still want to collect the chicken poop from the coop to compost. This coop has two roosting sticks, and below is the dropping board to easily collect the poop.

Nesting boxes with separate door-
The nesting boxes built to the side of the box have a separate access door, making egg collection easy. An external door to the nesting boxes keeps egg collection hassle free and a clean task. Egg collection is an easy and fun chore for kids of all ages. A separate door makes the nesting boxes easy to reach even for kids. A main coop door allows easy access to food and water.

White roof-
Chickens tend to dislike the heat. A white roof on this coop reflects the sunlight, cooling down the coop. And, it's a well ventilated coop with the wire covered window and extra ventilation holes.

Hen house dimensions-
The hen house measures: 2'8"L x 2'W x 2'8"H. The nesting boxes extend from the chicken coop 10".

Made in the U.S. A. This chicken coop is handcrafted here in the United States. Since these are handcrafted, please allow two weeks for the chicken coop to ship.

Return Policy for this Chicken Coop:

Due to the unique construction, large size and heavy weight of our chicken coops, we cannot accept returns unless there is damage during shipping. If there is shipping damage and it is obvious when your coop arrives, please point this out to the driver and refuse the shipment.

Please contact us immediately to arrange for another coop to be shipped.

We also suggest that you take a few pictures of the damage, as that will make it easier and quicker for a replacement coop to be delivered to you. No refunds are issued after successful delivery is made.
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