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Yard Pup Poop Scooper

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The Yard Pup Poop Scooper is the perfect tool to help make the great job of picking up dog poop in the yard that much easier and faster. This tool gives you the convenience of not having to touch dog waste with your hands.

The Yard Pup Poop Scooper was designed to save you money. It will hold open most standard grocery store bags or tall kitchen bags while you use the 4-in-1 rake tool to rake in the dog poop. The included poop scooper rake is constructed from tough sheet metal and is made to work on gravel, grass, concrete, and other tough surfaces. Do not worry about snow or ice because the rake has a powder coat paint finish to inhibit rust and corrosion. This pooper scooper is designed to hold up over time and last.

The bag attachment is made from steel with a corrosion resistant powder coat finish, so it will not crack in hot or cold climates. The easy to use bungee-in-track system comes with one bungee cord, and it will hold the bag securely while you work. The bungee-in-track system works by having a track with a bungee cord around the entire triangular perimeter of the bag holder. This provides complete perimeter contact with the bag, so the bag will not come off until you are ready to remove it. When the bag is full, it takes seconds to remove it, tie it, and throw it away. It is that easy!

The Yard Pup Pooper Scooper tool will save you from any back pain from bending over which is common from picking up dog poop in the yard. The 4-in-1 rake tool and the bag holder are both 37 inches high for your convenience. When you are done using this long handled poop scooping tool, you can easily store it on a wall in your garage or shed with a peg or clip handles.

The Yard Pup Poop Scooper Features:

  • Maximum Recommended Load: 5 lbs
  • Height of both tools: 37 inches
  • Opening width of bag holder: 10 inches
  • Bag Holder fits most grocery store bags, 4 gal trash bags, 13 gal kitchen bags
  • Patented bungee-in-track system holds bags securely
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