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Natural Pond and Tank Conditioner

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Natural Pond and Tank Conditioner is an organic way to clean standing water without using any toxic chemicals. Regularly treating your fountain, rain barrel, or moat will help prevent odor and protect pumps from clogging.

Organic Pond and Tank Conditioner helps maintain the pH balance of water and prevents harmful bacteria from growing. It helps get rid of fungus, blue green algae, and mold, which eliminates odor and improves air quality. It does not harm fish or water plants, but instead helps them by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria.

This bottle contains 80 water soluble caplets. Each caplet has enough active microbes to treat approximately 40 gallons of water for a month (6 caplets are recommended per cubic meter). The active organisms in this cleaner turn contaminants into their harmless components - releasing only nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

How does Natural Pond and Tank Conditioner work?

This organic conditioner includes billions of helpful microbes that will help clean your water naturally. They are inert until water is added, and then they start eating unwanted debris and pond scum. These microbes are non-pathogenic, which means that they're harmless to your family, pets, and local wildlife.

When BioWish Water Conditioner is first applied, there may be brief color change. This darkening occurs because sediment is stirred up by the organisms. Depending on the temperature and degree of problem, the water should clear up in about 1 to 3 weeks.

The video above demonstrates the powder form being used. The product sold on this page is the tablet form and works just as effectively as the powder form.
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