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Better Than Rocks Recycled Planter and Container Drainage MaterialBetter Than Rocks Recycled Planter and Container Drainage Material

Better Than Rocks Recycled Planter and Container Drainage Material

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Using rocks in planter or container gardening can make your pots really heavy, and sometimes the rocks inhibit root growth or don't allow enough oxygen to reach the roots of the plant. This material, Better than Rocks, which is made from 100% recycled plastic, makes container gardening much easier and much lighter and allows plants much better drainage than rocks, bits of broken pots or other alternatives.

Better than Rocks allows the plants to get much better drainage than rocks while helping keep the soil in even and in place. Our 16" x 96" (10.7 sq. ft.) prepackaged rolls allow you to cut the shapes and sizes you need for whatever planter or container you've chosen.

Better than Rocks is also reusable. Simply empty your planter, remove Better than Rocks material, rinse it and use it again or store it for later a season.

Using this material in your pots, helps oxygen reach the plantís roots by creating an air pocket in the bottom of the planter. It also creates even and thorough drainage. Without adequate drainage, the bottom of your container will likely become waterlogged. This is detrimental to plant health. Even worse, it can cause the roots to rot and the plants to eventually die.

It's easy to use. Simply fill up to one-third of the container with Better Than Rocks. Your potted plant will be as lightweight as possible, require less soil, and have excellent drainage for healthier plants.

Better than Rocks details:
  • Prepackaged roll of 16" x 96" or 10.7 sq. ft.
  • Can be cut to your specific needs
  • Makes potted plants lighter and easier on your body to move around
  • Better drainage than rocks
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Reusable year after year!
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