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Digital Soil Moisture Meter for Plants

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The Digital Soil Moisture Meter for Plants takes all of the guesswork out of knowing how much, and when to water your lawn, plants, and flowers. Since proper watering is one of the most important things for optimal plant growth, why take the chance of over or under watering!

This Digital Soil Moisture Meter for Plants is programmed with the moisture requirements for over 150 vegetables, plants, and perennials in its database. The moisture requirements are displayed on the LCD screen, and they range from 0.0 to 9.9, which make them very easy to read. For proper use, push the probe down in the soil to about two thirds of the depth of the container and about halfway between the edge of the pot and the stem of the plant. Avoid pushing the probe near the stem as much as possible.

The Digital Soil Moisture Meter is simple to operate, unlike some other digital moisture meters on the market today. Simply turn the meter on, and it present three options for you to choose from (Favorites, Plant List, and Basic Mode). Then you can choose the plant list option, scroll down the huge selection of plants till you find what you are looking for, and hit the select button. After you select your plant, the meter will display the plantís water mark, which is the lowest level of soil moisture that the soil should be allowed to reach. Once you test the soil moisture, hit the select button again, and the Digital Soil Moisture Meter tells you how frequently to monitor the soil, and for any other watering needs.

You also have the option to build a Favoriteís list so you do not have to search for your specific plants every time you check the moisture level and water. For some reason if your plant is not on the huge list that is offered by the Digital Soil Moisture Meter, donít worry, you can just choose the Basic Mode option and check the moisture level without the plant list. Itís that easy!
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