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Pile-Pro round wire composter (compost bin)

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  • This item has been discontinued, but we also carry an improved hoop composter.

    When we discovered the Texas-manufactured Pile-Pro wire composter, we found a simple and inexpensive design that does a terrific job of making compost. The thick gauged wire walls keep the contents well-aerated without bending or sagging, and the round bin means there aren't any corners. Corners are typically where it is hardest to get compost to heat up, and where it is hardest to stir.

    Don't forget a compost turning tool to go with it!

  • Simplicity - The PilePro has only two parts. Setup takes just a few minutes.
  • Construction - 14 gauge, 2" x 4", welded, galvanized wire, with integrated closure rings. Closure pin is 3/16" diameter steel rod.
  • Dimensions, Volume, and Weight - 36" tall x 36" diameter. 21 cubic feet. 7 pounds.
  • Quick Release Closure Mechanism - The closure pin slides into the integrated closure rings. There is no other hardware, fasteners, or ties. None the welds bear any load. Removing this bin from the pile is very easy.
  • Easy Turning - To turn your pile, simply remove your PilePro from its contents, set it up next to the original pile, and make a new pile. What was on the top goes on the bottom. What was on the outside goes on the inside. Add water as necessary.
  • Multiple Pile Capability - Once the pile settles the bin can be removed and used to make another.
  • Aeration - The open mesh design provides maximum aeration, and the size allows oxygen to reach the interior of the pile.
  • Appearance - The contents obscure the bin and the pile blends into the background. Its texture, colors, and shape are attractive. You won't need to hide your compost pile.
  • Attracts Birds - The bin is a convenient perch; the pile can be a source of food or nesting materials.
  • Sturdiness - The bin will not sag with contents as they settle, as happens with plastic or chicken wire bins.
  • Lightweight - Less than eight pounds, the bin is very easy to move.
  • Durable - Unlike something made from wood, the PilePro will not start to decay along with your compost.
  • Round wire bins need to be kept on a level surface
  • Includes an interior liner that helps retain moisture and heat for the pile.

  • This item has been discontinued, but we also carry an improved hoop composter.

    Learn more about how to make compost here.
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