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Organic Pest Control

Why use scary chemicals when there are so many terrific, safe organic pest control solutions? These organic or natural pesticides and repellents will solve most common home and garden pest issues.

We've organized our pest control products according to categories in order to make them easier to find.

Scroll down to see the subcategories, and keep scrolling if you just want to browse all of the products in one place!

Be sure to read our helpful general guide to organic pest control and our product specific organic pesticide buyer's guide.
Garden Pest Control Products
Find effective, organic pest control that is safe to use in the garden.
Indoor Pest Control Products
Natural pest control for inside the home: kitchens, pantries, and even houseplants.
Mosquito Control Products
Can't enjoy a night on the patio because of these guys? Use natural mosquito control products and reclaim the patio!
Animal and Critter Control Products
Organic pest control for animals and critters, like raccoons, opossums, rabbits, deer, cats, and rodents.
Ant Control Products
Organic ant pest control for the home, lawn, and garden.
Lawn Pest Control Products
Replace chemicals in the lawn with organic pest control for lawn pests.
Fire Ant Control Products
Rid the lawn and garden of fireants with these natural fireant control products.
Aphid Control Products
Aphids are hard to spot, but easy to get rid of with organic aphid control products.
Beetle Control Products
Beetles are popular lawn and garden pests, especially Japanese Beetles.
Bug Control Products
Can't identify that bug? Check these organic pest control products.
Caterpillar Control Products
Caterpillars are beautiful creatures, but annoying pests. Save the plants!
Cat Control Products
Problems with cats digging or spraying in the yard? Organic cat control products are great to deter, but safe for everyone.
Deer Control Products
How do these guys eat so much, anyway? Use these safe control products to deter deer from the garden and flowerbeds.
Fly Control Products
Flies, gnats, no-see-ums and other small, flying insects are annoying! These products help you deal with them.
Mice Control Products
Mice and rats are sneaky! Don't let them eat food from the kitchen OR out of the garden.
Mite Control Products
Remember, some mites are beneficial gardening insects. Spider mites are not! Use these safe pest control options in the garden, flowerbed, or even houseplants.
Mole Control Products
Moles and gophers dig huge tunnel systems that destroy root systems. Stop the tunneling in the lawn and garden!
Roach Control Products
We can't stand cockroaches! Get rid of roaches indoors and out with non-toxic pest control.
Rodent and Squirrel Control Products
Stop rodents and squirrels from running off with a garden tomato! Find effective rodent and squirrel pest control that won't harm the real pets!
Snail and Slug Control Products
Snails and slugs are just gross. Don't lose the flowerbed or garden plants to these guys that know how to hide.
Wasp and Stinging Insect Control Products
Keep wasps and stinging insects away from your outdoor living spaces with these wasp control products.
Beneficial Insects
Pests are a pain in the garden. Amazingly enough, you can rid your yard of them with some of these predatory insects.
Solar Powered Mole and Gopher Repellent
Price: $24.99
Say goodbye to moles, voles, gophers, shrews, and other burrowers!
World's Best Fly Trap
Price: $14.99
Got an outdoor fly problem? You won't for long if you use this product. Simply hang it up, add water, and watch with disgust to see how many flies you catch. Once it fills up, throw it out. A completely poison-free, non-toxic way to kill thousands and thousands of flies with ease.
Shake Away Organic Rodent Repellent
Price: $24.99
Get rid of rats, mice, voles, and other rodents the all natural way - with a scent that will scare them away.
Diatomaceous Earth Insect Killer
Price: $14.99
An excellent alternative to toxic pesticides.
Orange Guard Organic Insect Killer 64 oz
Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $19.99
A safe, effective insect killer made from d-Limonene (orange peel extract), which destroys the wax coating of the insect's respiratory system.
Orange Organic Fire Ant Killer 1 gal
Price: $39.99
Combine with Organic Fire Ant Killer for a ONE TWO organic punch against fire ants. It's called the Texas Two Step method, developed by Texas A&M University.
Indoor Pharm Organic Insecticidal Soap for House Plants
Price: $16.99
A safe, natural insecticidal soap for use indoors.
Mouse Magic All Natural Mouse Repellent
Price: $9.99
Keep the mice away from your home with these convenient little place packs that trigger an "escape" response in those tiny creatures.
Summit Mosquito Control Dunks
Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $7.99
Mosquito Dunks contain Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis. B.T.I. is a bacterium that kills Mosquito and black fly larvae. It is non-toxic to fish, wildlife, etc.
P.F. Harris Roach Tablets Natural Roach Killer (2 Boxes)
Price: $9.99
This natural treatment combines the convenience of tablets with the roach killing effectiveness of Boric acid.
Shot Gun Repels-All Animal Repellent Granules
Price: $22.99
Sale Price: $19.49
This animal repellent works by causing a mild irritation in an animal's nasal passages.
Hot Pepper Wax 32oz
Price: $11.99
Keeps rabbits, squirrels, Insects and other pests from eating flowers and vegetables from your garden.
Mole Repellent Natural 10lbs
Price: $21.99
Get rid of moles without toxic chemicals or pesticides.
Diatomaceous Earth Shaker
Price: $12.71
Diatomaceous earth is a 100% natural organic insect killer that can rid your home of ants, crickets, fleas, and other crawling insects.
Shake Away All Natural Cat Repellent
Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $13.99
With natural, non-toxic scent marking, it's easy to keep cats (and other pests) away from your garden and flower beds.
Rose Pharm Organic Pesticide and Fungicide for Roses
Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $14.99
An effective natural pesticide/fungicide for your roses that is USDA approved.
Yard Insect Repellent Granules
Price: $24.99
Repels chiggers, ants, mosquitoes, roaches, flies and other pests. All natural, made from cedar, so it is safe around children and pets!
Granular Natural Mosquito Repellent 5 lbs
Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $21.73
A granular natural mosquito repellent that you simply shake around your yard. Lasts several weeks at a time.
Non Toxic Mosquito Control Bits
Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $10.49
Mosquito Bits contain Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (B.t.i.). B.t.i. is a bacterium toxic to Mosquito and black and psychodid fly larvae. It is non-toxic to fish, wildlife, etc.
Bug Bam Mosquito Wristband
Price: $12.99
A convenient wristband that keeps the bugs and mosquitoes away. Lasts 100 hours. You can seal it back up in its bag and get it out and use it again later.
All Natural Mosquito Repellent 8 oz
Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $11.99
A DEET free mosquito repellent. Comes in a 8 oz. bottle and has a pleasant scent.
Alpha Mosquito Trap
Price: $159.99
Mosquito Repellant Patch
Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $10.99
A vitamin patch that contains Thiamin (B1), which repels mosquitoes when you use it.
Spinosad Organic Lawn Insect Killer
Price: $29.99
An OMRI listed organic insect killer that sprays onto your lawn with a garden hose. Safe for children and pets in the area as soon as it is dry.
Garden Slug Trap
Price: $20.99
Kill slugs the old-fashioned organic way. With beer!
Scarecrow Water Sprayer Animal Repeller
Price: $89.99
Keep deer, dogs, cats and other pests away from your lawn or garden with this effective-but-harmless water blaster.
StayAway Harmless Cat Repellant Device
Price: $49.99
Uses a passive infrared sensor to detect an animal, and responds with a warning sound and a brief, harmless spray of compressed air.
Electronic Slug and Snail Fence
Price: $39.99
Protect your garden from slugs and snails without using chemicals. This small electronic fence surrounds a flower bed or vegetable garden and forms a harmless electronic barrier.
Poison Free Wasp Trap
Price: $14.99
A pesticide free and non-toxic wasp trap that's easy to use.
Chemical Free Fruit Fly Trap
Price: $14.99
A unique and completely safe pesticide free and non-toxic fruit fly trap that outperforms similar fruit fly traps.
Chemical Free Flour and Pantry Moth Trap
Price: $14.99
A pesticide free and non-toxic way to trap pantry moths. It outperforms similar traps and is completely safe for you and your family.
Bite Blocker Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray
Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $8.99
This all natural mosquito spray is organic and biodegradable, and does a great job of repelling mosquitoes.
Garden Insect DVD
Price: $24.99
A DVD that explains the world of insects that are right in your own garden, teaching you which ones are beneficial, and which ones are destructive.
Waspinator Non-Toxic Wasp Repeller
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $12.99
This decoy acts as a scarecrow to keep wasps away - 2 per package.
Tomato & Vegetable Organic  Insecticide and Miticide
Price: $12.99
Protect your tomatoes and other veggies with 32 oz of insect control! Kills eggs, larvae and adult stages of insects.
Deer and Rabbit Repellent
Price: $15.99
Keep bunnies, squirrels, nutria, and other rodents away and prevent those big front teeth from taking a bite out of your plants!
Eco-friendly Water Spraying Bug Blaster
Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $28.99
Solar Insect and Pest Killer
Price: $24.99
Zap bugs into dust using the power of the sun.
DEET Free Mosquito and Insect Repellent
Price: $9.99
All-natural insect repellent - this pump-spray bottle is a great alternative to DEET.
Organic Mole and Gopher Repellent
Price: $19.99
Wasp and Hornet Funnel Trap Pack of 6
Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $8.49
Yard Gard motion activated animal repeller
Price: $54.99
Sale Price: $49.99
Used for any creature from deer, raccoons, opossums, dogs, cats, rodents, bats, skunks and insects.
Safe and Easy to Use Kitchen and Pantry Ant Killer
Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $6.99
This mix of Clove oil and Diatomaceous Earth is a great way to keep bugs out of your cupboard.
Natural Deer Repellent Hose End Sprayer
Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
If pests keep eating your petunias, or if animal thieves carrying off all of your tomatoes, this Deer Repellent is a great way to protect your plants.
Neem Oil Hose End Sprayer natural insecticide/fungicide/miticide
Price: $27.99
Sale Price: $24.99
A natural insecticide that controls insects and mites - perfect for organic gardening.
Humane Mouse Trap
Price: $12.99
Catch pesky mice in a humane way without harmful poisons and release them into the wild.
Flower Pharm Organic Flower Protector
Price: $16.99
Protects flowers, orchids, and other plants against insects, mites, and fungus using natural, and non-toxic essential oils.
Oil Pharm Soybean Oil based Pest Killer
Price: $15.79
Sale Price: $14.99
Contains non-GMO soybean oil and rosemary essential oil - effective at preventing insect damage and fungus.
Deer Pharm Organic Deer Repellent
Price: $15.79
Sale Price: $12.99
Repels deer, rabbits, dogs, and other animals who love to munch on ornamental plants and veg.
Fungus Pharm Organic Fungus Protection
Price: $14.99
Traps fungal spores without harming your plants or affecting the soil pH.
Flea Zapper Comb for Dogs and Cats
Price: $37.99
Stuns fleas without harming pets. A great non-toxic way to eliminate blood suckers.
Ferti-Lome Spinosad Fire Ant Killer
Price: $19.99
Although this isn't called "organic" on the package, the only active ingredient is Spinosad, a bacteria that is deadly to fire ants. Works like a bait, where they take it back to the queen and kill the entire colony. Safely rid your lawn or garden of fire ants!
2 Gallon Garden Pump Sprayer
Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $31.99
Great for spraying fertilizer or soil amendments.
Earwig Trap
Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $8.99
Earwigs don't have to be a problem. Eliminate them from your home or garden with these earwig traps.
Natural Animal Repellant
Price: $159.99
Certified organic animal repellant that repels 20 different types of animals, all in a 5 gallon bucket.
Natural Deer Repellant Kit
Price: $44.99
A certified organic deer repellant that treats up to 7.5 acres.
Balcony Guard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller
Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $49.99
Repels all types of birds with ultrasonic frequencies for coverage up to 900 sq. ft.
Refill for Trapple Fruit Fly Trap
Price: $3.99
With purchase, you get one attractant cup and one glue card replacement for your Trapple Fruit Fly Trap.
FlyWeb Delta Light Fly Trap DS-105
Price: $149.99
Silently attracts and traps flies and other insects in any home or office.
Slim Line Flying Insect Light Trap GT-180
Price: $169.99
Gets rid of flies and other pesky insects with a silent light and trap.
64 Watt Ultraviolet Flying Insect Light Trap GT-200
Price: $199.99
Rid the home or business of flies with a non-chemical trap covering up to 1,800 square feet.
Ultraviolet Light Insect  Trap - Wall Mounted GT-215
Price: $189.99
A thin and easy-to-conceal UV light insect trap.
80 Watt Ultraviolet Light Wall Mounted Insect Light Trap GT-480
Price: $349.99
Sale Price: $319.71
Covers up to 3,500 square feet - clearing out a large space from flies and other bugs.
Commercial Ultraviolet Light Insect Electrocutor AG-961
Price: $359.99
Provides 360-degree protection, zapping flies in the ultraviolet lights.
Corner Mounted Ultroviolet Light Insect Electrocutor AG-963
Price: $329.99
Easily fits in the corner to attract and kill insects.
Wall Mounted Commercial Grade Insect Fly Zapper AG-969
Price: $399.99
Covers a huge area, attracting and killing bugs without the use of chemicals.
Corner Mounted Ultraviolet Light Commercial Bug Zapper RG-1002
Price: $399.99
A corner-mounted bug zapper to get the job done discreetly.
Commercial Ultraviolet Light Bug Zapper AG-970
Price: $499.99
Replacement Bug Light UV Bulb EL-062
Price: $24.99
Replacement Bug Light UV Bulb EL-092
Price: $27.99
Bed Bug Active Alert Monitor
Price: $18.99
Actively attracts and traps bed bugs without any harmful toxins or chemicals.
Refill 2 pack - Bed Bug Active Alert Monitor
Price: $5.99
Refill packs for the Bed Bug Active Alert Monitor.
1 Year Passive Bed Bug Monitor
Price: $14.99
Monitor the possible presence of bed bugs for up to one year.
Animal Repellent Scent Stone for the Garden
Price: $16.99
A repelling stone filled with predatory scent to keep garden pests out of the garden.
Animal Repelling Scented Stone for Chicken Coops
Price: $14.99
An absorbent stone filled with predator scent to repel would-be chicken coop pests.
Deer Repellent Stone
Price: $16.99
Repel deer from vegetable gardens and flower beds with an all-natrual absorbent stone filled with a predator scent.
Bee Hive Animal Repelling Stone
Price: $16.99
Protect beehives from unwanted pests and potential raiders.
Large Solar Powered Mole and Gopher Repeller
Price: $37.99
Rid your yard of gophers, moles, voles and shrews in a humane way, treating up to 13,500 sq. ft.
Stink Bug Trap 2 Pack
Price: $13.99
Target and trap Stink Bugs at every stage of life without the use of pesticides or harmful toxins.
Lures for Stink Bug Trap
Price: $7.29
Designed to work with our Stink Bug Trap 2 Pack, but can be used with any Stink Bug trap on the market.
Solar Powered Fire Ant Killer Crusher
Price: $44.99
Literally crushes fire ants without the use of chemicals, toxins or baits.