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Green Pest Control Plus FertilizerGreen Pest Control Plus Fertilizer

Green Pest Control Plus Fertilizer

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This product is no longer available.

This is a blend of GreenUp and NatureShield for use with the Pro-Feeder Fertilizer and Pest Control System.

GreenUp is a nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer enriched with Iron and other essential micronutrients. It works on leaves and roots at the same time. A key ingredient is BioNatra - a stabilized biostimulant that increases microbial activity in the soil. The increased biological activity promotes faster nutrient cycling - that means your lawn will get greater effects from every drop of fertilizer.

***Newly reformulated***
  • NPK Value: 24-0-0
  • Nitrogen is 24% of the total (12% Urea, 6% Nitrate Nitrogen, 6% Ammoniacal Nitrate)

  • The other ingredients include:
  • Garlic Essential Oil
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Castor Essential Oil
  • Cedar Essential Oil
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • 30% Fermented Ingredients

  • Nature Shield is an all-natural Pest Control. It creates a barrier to mosquitoes, cockroaches, silverfish, and other common pests and is non-toxic. Nature Shield is made from natural ingredients that repel bugs, using scents that we associate with green growing things but that they associate with danger. These essential oils are pleasant for humans, and very unpleasant for bugs.

    Each 1 gallon bottle treats 1,000 square feet for 18 to 24 months (depending on how often you water). It's safe for children and pets - there are no toxins to worry about. Just hook it up to your sprinklers, and enjoy a vibrant, bug free yard!

    Specific application guidelines:
    For cool season grasses: 13-20 oz per 1000 square feet per month
    For Warm Season Grasses: 20-26 oz per 1000 square feet per month
    For Golf Tees and Greens: 26-30 oz per 1000 square feet per month
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