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Paintable 55 Gallon Recycled Rain Barrel

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This 55 gallon rainbarrel is made from a recycled plastic shipping container. It is food grade and does not contain any harmful chemicals or residue. The design may vary slightly from the picture shown above. The lower price point makes it one of our best value rain barrels. It is a sturdy and cheap rain barrel.

All of the fixtures are supplied, and the holes are pre-drilled before the barrels are shipped. Assembly is straight forward and does not require an engineering degree or power tools.

This barrel has a screen on top that filters out leaves and keeps mosquitoes and other insects out. It also has a plastic faucet at the bottom for draining the water and an overflow valve at the top. If you have multiple rain barrels, you can connect a hose from the overflow valve to the intake of the next barrel for even more water storage.

No need to worry about mosquito’s in your rain water with the Summit Mosquito Control Dunks.

These food grade barrels have been used and may have scratches or discoloration. The food barrels have been shipped all around the world (usually for transporting olive oil, vinegar, molasses, or similar food stuffs) and thoroughly cleaned out to recondition them for use. If your barrel has a little too much "character", painting the outside will not affect the water inside.

The surface of this rain barrel is roughened so that you can paint it to fit in with any location. Match the color of your siding, or use a sponge to duplicate your brickwork. Let your inner artist run free, or get your children involved in painting the rain barrel with clouds, flowers, rain drops, dragons, or any design that catches their imagination.

Since this plastic wasn't melted down or reformed, this rainbarrel has a smaller carbon footprint even when compared to other recycled plastic barrels. It was "upcycled", as described in the book "Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things".

Upcycling High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) plastic by re-using it is one of the best ways to reduce plastic pollution. This rain barrel was made from material that was bound for the landfill, so it saves landfill space. Only the screen, teflon tape, and brass faucet are made from virgin material.

How do I get rain into the rain barrel?
The easiest way to install this rain barrel is to position it under a downspout or roof flashing. A more elegant solution is to install a WaterSaver Downspout Diverter. This prevents damage to the screen from torrential rains, and it is preferred by some Home Owner's Associations for aesthetic reasons.

Need to hold more water? For extra capacity, order two rain barrels and link them together! Linkages can also prevent one barrel from running dry while another is overflowing (that's useful if you have an asymmetric roof).

Add a Garden Watersaver Downspout to your order and we'll ship the diverter for no additional shipping charge. Please note - your diverter will ship from a separate location and may arrive before your rain barrel.

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Paintable 55 Gallon Recycled Rain Barrel