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P.F. Harris Roach Tablets Natural Roach Killer (2 Boxes)

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Product Description

Your order will include two boxes of the P.F. Harris Roach Tablets! Want to see other choices for getting rid of roaches? Check out our roach control section. Get rid of roaches and other pests the natural way. Harris Famous Roach Tablets include 40 percent active ingredients. These tablets use Boric Acid - a safe, naturally occurring compound that disrupts the metabolism of cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, waterbugs, silverfish, and ants. Boric acid also kills these pests by scratching their exoskeleton. This mechanical action will weaken unwanted bugs and cause them to die of dehydration, even if they decide not to eat the tablets. These tablets really work! We use them at our warehouse, and don't have to worry about bringing our pets to work, because they're safe. Boric acid is about as safe as you can get with an EPA registered pesticide, in our opinion. In addition to boric acid, these roach control tablets contain a scented lure that attracts roaches from out of the woodwork. After they eat the tablets, they wont make it back into hiding. These tablets are time tested - their inventor was commissioned in 1922 to rid the US White House of roaches and other pests. These Roach Control Tablets are the oldest EPA registered roach killer in America, and they don't rely on harsh chemicals. The roach killing tablets are a clean way to deal with roaches without creating indoor air pollution with dangerous poisons. Each order contains TWO 4 oz boxes. Where can I put the tablets? Place these in the dark, concealed areas that bugs frequent. Frequent insect traffic is found behind the refrigerator, under the stove stove, around the dishwasher, and in pantry corners. Please put these tablets in areas that are out of reach to children and pets - boric acid is very safe to handle, but if children or pets play with it, that will leave less of the treatment for roaches to eat!

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