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This organic liquid tomato fertilizer is an effective tomato fertilizer that contains the specific nutrients needed for bountiful harvests of large, nutritious tomatoes.

Produced higher yields in California field tests. For use on all vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and houseplants.

Now you can grow terrific tomatoes the organic way.

Organic Liquid Tomato Fertilizer is a special fertilizer formulated to supply tomatoes and other plants with the nutrients they require for healthy growth. It is a fish-kelp blend that provides essential nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a 4-3-3 ratio.

This Fertilizer 4-3-3 is formulated from all-natural ingredients. It contains hydrolyzed fish solubles extracted from Atlantic Menhaden Fish, which are slowly steamed and hydrolyzed to preserve the amino acids. These are then blended with North Atlantic kelp, bloodmeal, and natural sulfate of potash to provide additional nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N,P,K).

Dilution rate of 2-3 oz. per gallon of water.

Application rate of 1 gallon of fertilizer solution covers 45 sq. ft. (approximately 6 tomato plants)

Timing: 2 oz./gal. at transplanting
3 oz./gal. at 1st bloom
3 oz./gal. at full bloom
2 oz./gal. during fruit fill

Size: 2.25 lbs (1.02 kg) 32 Fl. Oz. (946 ml)

Treats more than 700 square feet (with 2 ounces per gallon, this container will treat 16 gallons of water. Use 1 gallon per 45 square feet).
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