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All Natural Rose Potting Soil / Soil Amendment

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This all natural Rose Magic product can be used as a soil amendment, or it can be used directly as the highest quality potting soil you will find for roses. Lady Bug Rose Magic is a good planting medium for large containers and it doesn't require any mixing or special preparation for use.

Each bag contains 1 cubic foot of Rose Magic.

Ingredients: Four types of superior quality compost, reclaimed composted topsoil, decomposed granite, Glittering Greensand, and Expanded Shale.

Superior roses grow from superior soils. This balanced soil blend fits that bill. It contains four types of compost for a variety of active, organic sources of nutrients along with reclaimed composted topsoil, decomposed granite, Glittering Greensand, and expanded shale.

The formula of Rose Magic is based on research done by the Soil Food Web. Their studies found that roses grow best with a mix of compost, and field trials showed that certain trace elements are needed to help roses achieve their full beauty.

In addition to the multi-source compost, Ladybug All Natural Rose Soil Amendment includes Glittering Greensand and Expanded Shale. Glittering Texas Greensand is made from sedimentary rock that contains more than 30 trace elements. It adds beneficial iron and potassium to the soil - two key nutrients which plants use to grow strong roots.

The Expanded Shale also helps the roots in another way. The shale is treated using a hot kiln, causing it to expand like popcorn. Heat causes air pockets inside the shale to grow, and large air pockets are great for holding moisture. Air cavities increase the water carrying capacity of soil, and they allow roots to grow quickly because the dirt is lighter and more porous. Earthkind Roses are especially fond of expanded shale.
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All Natural Rose Potting Soil / Soil Amendment