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Organic Cricket Poop Fertilizer

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We're sorry, but our Cricket Poop Fertilizer is no longer available. In the mean time, you should try our Organic Worm Poop Fertilizer instead.

Cricket Poop Organic Fertilizer is 100 percent pure cricket litter, the stuff that's left in the bottom of thousands of cricket brooders (big boxes that live crickets are produced in).

The exact proportions can vary a bit from one brooder to the next, but on average it's around 98 percent pure cricket manure, and 2 percent a mix of shed cricket skins, a little cricket food (fancy chicken feed), and a few shreds of paper products chewed up by the crickets (feed plates, etc.).

Cricket Poop Organic Fertilizer is not disgusting or sticky - it has a dry, sandy-like texture, and doesn't have much odor.

What is Cricket Poop Organic Fertilizer good for? Just about every type of plant!

Flowering plants, ornamental plants, shrubs, fruit plants and trees, vegetable gardens, lawns, and the list goes on. If it grows in the ground, it will benefit from some cricket poop fertilizer.

Organic cricket poop fertilizer helps improve soil fertility and provides essential nutrients that plants need to grow. It respects the balance of microorganisms in the soil, and promotes an environment where plants can flourish.

It can be used on just about anything that grows and it's also fantastic as a compost starter or accelerator!

NPK 4-2-2

How do you use it?

General Guideline: Use about a handful of (about 3/4 cup) per 1-2 gallons of soil. Always water in cricket poop organic fertilizer thoroughly.

Flower Beds: Mix into soil in bed about 1.5 quarts (about 2 lbs) per 100 sq ft (10' x 10') area. Water in thoroughly.

Fruits & Vegetables: When planting each plant, mix in a handful of CricketPoo! (about 3/4 cup) per 1-2 gallons of soil. Water in thoroughly.

Monthly Feeding - Small Indoor Plants: Use about 1 teaspoon of cricket poop fertilizer per pint of soil. Sprinkle around base of plants, work into the top inch or so of the soil. Water in thoroughly.

Monthly Feeding - Larger Outdoor Plants: Use about 1 cup per 2-3 gallons of soil. Sprinkle around base of plants, work into the top few inches of the soil. Water in thoroughly.

Lawns: Apply 10-12 lbs CricketPoo! per 1,000 sq ft. Mix with sand for easy spreading. Water in thoroughly.

Organic fertilizers replenish and maintain long-term soil fertility by providing optimal conditions for biological activity.

Chemical fertilizers used incorrectly can harm soil life, deplete non-renewable resources, pose hazards to water and air quality and threaten human health. Millions of tax dollars are spent each year on removing harmful chemicals from drinking water, partly as a result of pesticides used in farming and urban yards and gardens.

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