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Organic Coir Block Grow Bag, set of 3

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Coco fiber (also known as coir) is an excellent growing medium. It can help prevent runoff and erosion, and is an eco-friendly alternative to peat moss (peat moss can be acidic and is not necessarily a renewable product, while coir is pH neutral - which is much better for your plants). This bag of coir is also OMRI listed as well!

This particular organic coco grow bag has it all in one. To use, place the bag on a flat surface or a flat tray. Open up the bag, and add a gallon of water. The coir will begin to expand - this can take up to an hour. After the appropriate time has passed, you can then drain excess water (if there is any), and you are good to go. Need a lot of coco fiber? No need to worry - there are 3 bags/bricks per order.

This bag is made of plastic. There are no drain holes in the bag specifically, but you can poke holes in the bag if you need to drain the water out. If you are looking for a nicer, fabric bag, our Black Fabric Pot Planters also come in a set of three, and may be a little more sturdy for the coir bricks.

You can use the coir in areas of your garden as needed, or you can just grow plants right in the bag. That's right, just pop your seedlings in the bag itself, and you're off to fresh flowers, herbs, vegetables, or fruit. This large bag of organic coco growing medium is a sound investment for your home or garden.
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Organic Coir Block Grow Bag, set of 3