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Sorry this moisture meter is out of stock. Please check out the Electronic Soil Tester which test not only moisture but also the ph levels, light levels and fertility.

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How can you tell when your potted plants need water? The usual method is to press your finger into the soil and guess about the moisture content deeper down. If you prefer not to dip your fingers into fertilizer, there's a more sanitary option with less hassle too.

The Momet Moisture Meter determines electronically the moisture in a variety of soils, including bark, moss, or dirt. The unit can be used with house plants, potted vegetables, potted flowers, or even in your outside garden. The electronic moisture gauge makes it easy to tell when to water all your plants, inside or outside.

Our Electronic Moisture Meter is especially useful for Orchids and other potted plants. It provides a true and accurate measure of the amount of water in the soil. This can help prevent extreme conditions from harming the health of your plants, and help them achieve optimum growing conditions.

Too much water in potted plants can cause their roots to rot. When water settles to the bottom of a pot, you may not be able to tell by touching the surface of the soil. On the other hand, dehydration can quickly cause wilting and death. With this electronic water meter, you can tell at a glance whether your plants need to be watered or left alone.

The bottom of the unit has two sensors that are pushed into the topsoil. At the top, there are 3 LEDs that tell you how moist the soil is. If the green LED lights up, that means the soil is wet. If the yellow LED lights up, the soil is damp. And if the red LED lights up, then the soil is dry and needs to be watered again.

The moisture probes work differently in different types of soil. So, the water detector has a slide switch on the back that you can set based on the soil medium that you place it in. The settings are bark/chip and moss/soil.

Recently, the MOMET Moisture Meter was tested by the National Home Gardening Club. It earned their "Seal of Approval" due to superior test results reported by more than one hundred independent reviewers.

Put this Plant Moisture Meter in your pots, and you'll never have to guess about watering again!
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