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Leaf Mulch Compost Bin

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For most people, raking the yard generates a lot more leaves and debris than should be put in a compost bin or pile at once. Instead of lumping all the leaves and grass mulch into a unsightly pile, add them to this leaf mulch compost bin.

The bin itself can act as a standard compost bin, or you can use it to store the leaves and mulch you collect to add to your main compost bin throughout the year.

Made from recycled plastic in USA, this compost bin is easy to get set up anywhere in your yard or garden. It measures 30 inches tall and 36 inches in diameter. With the included stainless steel fasteners and holding pegs, it assembles in minutes.

It holds 135 gallons of materials (or 18 cubic feet), and with its open bottom, it allows for rain or excess moisture to drain out into the soil below. Ventilation slots along the bottom rim of the compost bin keep the contents inside well aerated and allow you to see the compost inside.

Handles along the top rim of the compost bin make it easy to pick up and move throughout the yard. If you choose to use this bin as a traditional compost bin (adding both carbon and nitrogen rich materials), you can easily move the bin to help keep the contents mixed properly.

Leaf Mulch Compost Bin Features:

  • Measures: 30" tall x 36" diameter
  • Made in USA
  • Holds 135 gallons (18 cu. ft.)
  • Stainless steel fasteners and holding pegs included
  • Ventilation slots allow for aeration
  • 3 handles make it easy to move
  • Made from recycle plastic
  • Stores flat

    PLEASE NOTE: Rake in image is not included.
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