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Mosquito Beater Area Mosquito Repellent

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No one enjoys mosquitoes buzzing around any bar-b-que or day in the garden, so with the Mosquito Beater Area Repellent, you can enjoy your garden, patio, camp site and other outdoor areas without the worry of mosquitoes pestering you and those around you.

This product is perfect for any individual, group or family that enjoys the outdoors. It is an ideal mosquito repellent since you don't have to apply it to your body, light lots of candles that just create smoke and you can just spread it around the area where you are. It also works naturally, without introducing any harmful chemicals to your home.

Mosquito Beater is quick and easy to apply because there is no mixing and no water needed for it to work. It is simple to apply by spreading the granules on the ground straight from the container, or you can use with a lawn spreader, dust gun or hand crank duster.

This mosquito repellent can be applied at any time of the day, and for best results, you should apply it when there is little air movement. Application should be at least one hour before the area is occupied if possible.

This one container covers 4,000 sq. ft. and one application can last up to 3 weeks.

  • Citronella Oil 4%
  • Garlic 3%
  • Geranium Oil 2%
  • Cedar Oil 2%
  • Lemon Grass Oil 2%
  • Vermiculite, Corn Cob 87%

  • If you spend any time outside in the spring and summer, this mosquito repellent can make that time much more enjoyable and mosquito-free.
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