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Mosquito Deleter KitMosquito Deleter Kit

Mosquito Deleter Kit

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The Mosquito Deleter Kit is a the perfect way to trick mosquitoes into wiping themselves out. It covers a wide area and works without chemical poisons.

This passive trap for mosquitoes has a physical design that allows eggs to be laid, but doesn't allow larvae to escape. It fools female mosquitoes and breaks up the breeding cycle. This no-kill trap does not actively harm mosquitoes or cause any secondary damage to other insects. It simply keeps mosquitoes away from their food sources and lets nature do the rest.

The Skeeter Deleter protects against mosquito borne diseases such as West Nile virus, encephalitis, and malaria. Many different germs are carried by mosquitoes, including several that are harmful to pet cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses. Eliminating mosquitoes protects pets against painful bites and also breaks the transmission chain.

The Mosquito Deleter Kit includes:
  • 4 traps
  • A 2 month supply of water tablets

  • The biodegradable tablets dissolve in water. Adding 1 tablet per month will help keep the water inviting for pregnant female mosquitoes. It is not necessary, but is recommended if you have a fountain, pond, or other nearby water source so that all the mosquitoes in your yard are lured to the deleter. You can add extra tablets to your order and save on shipping.

    The 4 traps cover up to an acre of land. Since mosquitoes are weak fliers, they do not travel far. Covering an acre will protect you from the vast majority of skeeters and it will prevent wandering mosquitoes from re-establishing themselves.

    Did you know that the average mosquito travels less than 150 feet in its life? If all of the mosquitoes on your block are drowned in the bottom of this bucket trap, then you can enjoy the outdoors again!

    What keeps the larvae from getting out?
    Young mosquitoes live underwater, but as they mature they have to leave the water to breathe. This trap uses a black lid and white baffle ring to disorient and trap the young mosquitoes in a pocket of air where they starve without any way to get out.

    It's important to add water to the Mosquito Deleter trap regularly, because the water level forms the barrier that traps the young mosquitoes.
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