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Mole Repellent Natural 10lbs

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Get rid of moles quickly and safely with Natural Mole Repellent. This environmentally safe yard treatment has no toxic chemicals or pesticides - instead, it works using earth friendly smells and flavors that moles find absolutely disgusting.

The time release aroma is undetectable to humans, but to moles, it smells like a combination of gym socks, stinky cheese, diapers, and department store cologne. If all those smells could somehow be combined in one place; would you want to live there? Moles will take one whiff of this no-kill repellent, and scramble away to greener pastures.

  • Total 10 lbs treats 5,000 square feet
  • OMRI Listed - Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute

  • The flavor is equally nasty, but unless someone kisses the ground, it wont affect humans in the area. Ground burrowing moles will turn their nose up at the taste of this natural repellant though. Imagine biting into an apple and tasting burnt Marmite mixed with smelling salts. You might take a second bite to see if your taste buds were acting up, but who would keep chewing?

    Drive moles out of the area, and protect your yard from their insatiable appetite. This mole repellent has twice the active ingredients of other Mole controls, and it is guaranteed to reduce mole activity when properly applied.

    Since there are no poisons or toxins in this yard treatment, it is pet safe and child safe. You can use it around the home without any risk of toxic shock or allergic reaction.

    A drop spreader is one of the easiest ways to apply Earth Friendly Mole Repellent. When you spot mole spoor, apply this green repellent around mole tunnels and the roots of ornamental plants. Keep on using until you drive the moles from your yard and onto the yard of that neighbor that plays loud music late at night and always parks in your spot. You know who I'm talking about.

    Recommended by Master Gardeners, including garden columnist Ed Hume. This mole repellant is also used on numerous golf courses, and would have saved a lot of Caddyshack drama.

  • 10 lb. bag treats 5,000 square feet

  • OMRI Listed - Certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute
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