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Modular Garden Composter

Regular Price: $139.99

Sorry, this composter has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but don't miss our other garden composter models.

This expandable modular garden composter is made from recycled, UV stabilized polyethylene. After years of use, there wont be any fading, cracking, or rust.

This recycled plastic garden composter offers excellent ventilation for faster composting. The diagonal cut side panels are vented to allow a free flow of air, which is essential for composting bacteria to do their work. The air channels will also allow excess moisture to evaporate; that encourages thorough decomposition and reduces unpleasant odors.

The top of the composter has a lightweight, weather protecting cover. It's easy to lift off when you want to add new kitchen scraps or yard trimmings, and it does a good job of keeping rainwater out. The cover will also prevent most animals from foraging on your compost.

The side panels are removable for easy access to the finished compost. The upper panels can also be removed if you need to access the compost pile when turning it over.

Modular, expandable design.

Choosing the right size compost bin takes a bit of guesswork. It depends on how much grass clippings your yard will produce, how many leaves will fall, and how quickly the compost will break down. Sometimes you need extra capacity when the weather is cold or you have extra kitchen scraps.

Rather than guess wrong and throw away the unexpected compost, you can choose the Expandable Modular Garden Composter. When you need extra space, additional bins slot neatly into place. Even if your crystal ball is in the shop, this modular composter is a great way to prepare for future needs. You can add bins to any side, expanding your compost bin along the cardinal directions with separate, interlocking bins.

These interlocking bins offer greater protection against tipping in high winds, and you can even use your compost bins to form a wall or barrier. Add 1, 2, 3, or more extra bins to your order, and you can build to suite your needs.

The CompostBinz is made in the USA with quality workmanship. The parts carry a full 5 year manufacturer's warranty. No tools are needed to assembly the bin, and it takes just minutes to put together.

Garden Composter Product Details (with all the levels installed):

  • Size: 30 inch x 30 inch x 32 inch
  • Capacity: 15 bushels / ~530 liters
  • Weight: 48 lbs
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