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Millstone Outdoor Fountain

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This outdoor fountain is no longer available.

The Millstone Outdoor Fountain is a natural stone fountain with an antique, pastoral touch. It is shaped like the grinding wheel of a windmill and has an authentic historic pattern similar to that used from the Middle Ages to the Wild West era.

The Mill Stone Garden Fountain is 16 inches in diameter and is 4 inches tall. It is made from quarried stone and is weatherproof.

In a working windmill, the millstone was one of the most durable pieces. The forces that pressed on a millstone were extreme and poorly made mill stones would crack or split under the pressure and wear.

This mill stone is unworn and has not been used. It has 6 repeating patterns (or 'harps') and is marked with deep furrows that face the same direction in each harp. The center of the stone, which would normally be holed for draining flour or cornmeal serves a different purpose. This hole is the channel where water can funnel up and over the fountain.

With the optional accessories, you can turn this millstone into a fully functional fountain. The 350 gph pump will circulate water from below and up through the millstone. This stone can also be used as a garden marker or visual lodestone without these accessories.

Each millstone is made by hand from natural rock, so the shape and color may vary slightly from the image shown above.

Millstone Outdoor Fountain Details:

  • Height: 4 inches
  • Optional base and pump available
  • Sturdy construction, built to last
  • Made from carved stone

  • Why does a millstone look the way it does?
    The raised sections and indents of a millstone turned grain into flour by crushing it against a runner stone. The furrows created a serrated edge that helped crack open kernels. The two stones rarely came in direct contact, and the pattern was designed to funnel smaller and smaller fragments of grain along for further grinding.

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