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Organic Japanese Beetle Killer 10 oz

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    One can treats approximately 2500 sq feet.

    Produced to USDA standards, Milky Spore organic Japanese Beetle Killer is the safest material ever developed for Japanese Beetle grub control.

    Milky Spore organic Japanese Beetle killer is a naturally occurring host specific bacterium (Bacillus popillae-Dutky). This product is lethal to a familiar destructive summer-time pest. It targets and discriminately works to attack the white grubs of Japanese Beetles.

    The adult beetle feeds on fruits, flowers, shrubs, garden plants and the foliage of some field crops. At the immature beetle stage, the grub enjoys feeding on the roots of grass and other vegetation to include stems of plants.

    Turf inoculation treatments / applications with MILKY SPORE puts in place an on-guard protective blanket on your lawn.

    Considered the weakest link in the chain and the most vulnerable point to introduce an infection, resident spores in treated turf are swallowed by grubs during their normal pattern of feeding; this starts the demise of healthy grubs.

    Milky Spore disease then begins to cripple the grub, and within the next 7-21 days will eventually die. As the grub decomposes, it releases billions of new spores.

    Milky Spore is not harmful to beneficial insects, birds, bees, pets or man. The product is approved and registered with EPA, Milky Spore will not affect wells, ponds or streams.

    The ideal way to combat area infestation is through organized community efforts. Large areas treated with Milky Spore can result in long term control.

    How fast does the Spore work and how long does it last?

    Milky Spore begins working as soon as it is applied as long as grubs are feeding. Once grubs are infected they will multiply the Spore by several billion times and spread it further. In warm climates good control can occur in one to three years. In colder areas like New England, three to five years. Once established in a lawn, Milky Spore has been known to last 15 to 20 years.

    Can I use it in the vegetable garden?

    Yes, Milky Spore is harmless to food crops. It is not a chemical pesticide. It may be used in gardens, around pools and wells.

    What if I treat my yard and my neighbor doesn’t?

    Your lawn will be protected even if you are surrounded by untreated property. Eventually, the Spore will creep next door into adjacent areas by natural movement.

    Won’t beetles fly in from my neighbor’s yard?

    An adult beetle feeds only during it’s first two weeks. By the time they fly in from adjacent areas, any new grubs laid in late Summer will be affected by the Spore. You can also control adult beetles using these handy non-lethal Beetle Traps.

    What if I get Milky Spore in my eyes? What if I breathe it in?

    Milky Spore itself is not toxic. However, Milky Spore contains chalk and a powder carrier. Care should be taken not to get any dust in one's eyes as it is an irritant.

    Are grubs infected by Milky Spore in spring when rising to the surface following hibernation?

    Grubs become infected by swallowing a spore. They do not become infected by rubbing up against spores or passing through them. Since grubs feed less in Spring, the incidence of infection is not as great as in fall.

    Coverage area?

    One can treats approximately 2500 sq feet.

    For precise application, add a milky spore dispenser to your order. The dispenser is a tube, slightly thicker and longer than a poster shipping tube. It has a dial on the bottom with 3 settings, and it prevents both drift and spills.
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